Facebook Acquires BigBox VR | A company behind popular Population One virtual reality game

BigBox VR

Facebook Acquires BigBox VR

Facebook stepped into the VR game with their subsidiary Oculus. Oculus is a division which in particular deals with VR headsets. Long story short, the VR game picked up its pace. This successful project, turned into a venture for Facebook to acquire several virtual reality game studios over the past few years. The latest name in their acquisition of entities is the Seattle-based BigBox VR.

BigBox was founded in 2016 and they paved their way up and led teams at familiar names like Sony and Disney. The biggest breakthrough though was POPULATION: ONE aka POP: ONE which debuted in late 2020. It has been a popular choice among VR gamers especially with support for SteamVR headsets like HTC Vive and Valve Index.

Facebook acquired BigBox VR- the company that brought POPULATION: ONE which is pretty much a copy of Fortnite but for VR and has merged it into its Oculus Studios family. What it means is that the entire BigBox VR team will be working together with Oculus Studios to churn out a “super fun gaming experience” as Oculus puts it. If you have been playing POP: ONE on other platforms, the acquisition doesn’t impact it and you can continue to play it on all of its available platforms.

Oculus says they will be working to give VR a push with regards to third-party content, AAA IP, hardware, and more. While the terms of the contract haven’t been put out yet, Oculus says they have some innovative projects which they will push out in a few years. With this, the number of Facebook acquired Seattle-based companies reaches three- Rel8tion (2011), Atlas Solutions (2013), and now BigBox VR (2021).

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The concept of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality, in and of itself is pretty intriguing and with this merger, you can expect some wonderful games and projects in the near future. Regardless, the details aren’t available yet but we do know that POP: ONE will continue getting regular updates regardless of their platform which is one less thing for you to worry about; if you are a POP: ONE player.

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