Facebook is planning to launch its first smartwatch

Facebook smartwatch
Facebook smartwatch

Facebook intends to span across the wearables market as well, while there are no official words from Facebook about its official launch, the forthcoming smartwatch will serve as a controller for Facebook’s upcoming augmented-reality projects. Reports suggest that this new smartwatch from Facebook is scheduled to make its debut in mid-2022 and is expected to have multiple cameras. Apart from that, here’s what this smartwatch from Facebook will bring along.

The most intriguing aspect about this smartwatch is its detachable display and dual cameras which will be integrated into Facebook networks such as Instagram. The front camera will serve for video calling and the secondary 1080p camera to the back will provide video recording capabilities once detached from its stainless steel frame. Not just that, Facebook will be tying up with other companies to accessorize the camera hub as a tag-along device for backpacks and more.

The Verge reported, “It’s part of Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to build more consumer devices that circumvent Apple and Google, the two dominant mobile-phone platform creators that largely control Facebook’s ability to reach people,” As per the reports, the device will work in tandem with the augmented-reality glasses that Facebook has been working on. While Andrew Bosworth, Vice President, Facebook Reality Labs via his Twitter handle tweeted how useful AR glasses really were but he completely dodged any reveals about a mainstream smartwatch from the company.

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Pricing and Availability of Facebook Smartwatch:

Facebook has been stealthy about the watch, but reportedly Facebook has been working closely with network service providers in the US to bring LTE connection to the watch itself. And for the pricing, it is expected to be around the $400 mark and is expected to launch in summer 2022.

These pieces of information were churned out by The Verge and they have maintained the anonymity of its sources. But regardless, this is a project in the pipeline and hasn’t hit mass production yet and the chances are Facebook might even scrap the entire idea, so take it with a pinch of salt.

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