First-Ever iPhone Exchange Program in Nepal

iPhone Exchange Nepal

EvoStore and Sabko Phone have come together to host the first-ever iPhone exchange program in Nepal. Under this program, existing iPhone users can trade in their older iPhones for the new ones. But as with the programs, there are terms and conditions applied to them. Here’s what the first iPhone exchange program is all about.

iPhone exchange program in Nepal:

First and foremost, this is a week-long program valid from August 15 thru August 21. 

This exchange program is applicable only for iPhone 6s and newer models. To trade in your phone, you’ll have to visit EvoStore’s outlet at Mariott Hotel, Naxal with a valid ID card. Your phone will then undergo a physical inspection for its evaluation.

Evaluation Process:

The evaluation process is handled by Sabko Phone, a Lalitpur-based startup that deals in used phones, repairs them, and sells them as refurbished products. 

If you are interested in exchanging your iPhone or just wonder what the worth of your iPhone is if you opt to trade-in, you can visit this link.

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iPhone exchange program in Nepal: Terms and Conditions

The exchange offer is exclusive for the customers within Kathmandu Valley, as this is exclusive to a single exchange center at  Hotel Mariott, Naxal. Secondly, one can only exchange a single unit and no more.

Adding to the exclusivity is the fact that, this is limited to only 100 iPhones. Thus it is needless to say- Hurry Up! If you don’t want to miss out.

For Queries:

You can learn more about the program by contacting EvoStore via their website, email, and social media handles.



Facebook: EvoStore Nepal

Or, if you want to go old school, you can dial 01-5454338 / 01-5454339 to learn more.

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