Google Pixel 3a/3a XL Specs and Price leaked

Pixel 3a
Pixel 3a

The custom of leaking smartphones before their actual announcement is arguably as old as the custom of releasing smartphones themselves. Mistakes happen, and tech fanatics are quick to pick up on these and release it to the enthusiastic public around the globe. Well, history repeats itself. This has happened again, and this time on Google’s new Google Pixel 3A smartphone.

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Before the actual announcement of the Pixel 3A, shoppers at a Best Buy in Springfield, Ohio found themselves lucky enough to feast their eyes on the tech beast Google’s newest smartphone. Size, specs and all. Talk about a lucky mistake!

For people unfamiliar with Best Buy, it’s basically a multinational electronics retailer based in America. Photos of the packaged Pixel 3A in Best Buy were leaked by shoppers online.

Google Pixel 3a
Source: Android Police

This unannounced smartphone has been leaked to come in two shades: “Purple-ish”, with a brilliant light tonality, and “Just Black”… which is just black. Furthermore, the XL variant for this piece will come with a 6-inch display. Previous leaks support that the non-XL variant will have a smaller 5.6-inch screen. Other leaks rumor it to have a 12.2 dual megapixel camera setup and compatibility with Android 9.0 Pie. Furthermore, the 64 GB model for this phone will reportedly start at $399 for the normal and $479 for the XL model.

Source: Android Police

Leaks happen all the time, and Google’s not alone on this. Its no new phenomenon for photographs, graphic renders and videos of upcoming smartphones to surface the internet. If anything, it keeps the enthusiastic community hungry for more. Let’s just hope we get to hear it in the upcoming Google I/O conference this week.

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