Hamro Doctor is providing free Covid-19 Consultation

Hamro Doctor
Hamro Doctor

Hamro Doctor

One of the first online healthcare service providers from Nepal has to be a Hamro Doctor. This online platform helps patients consult certified medical personnel. In these times, when we can’t go out, it sure is a novelty to have. To ease out the current scenario, Hamro Doctor is providing free COVID-19 consultation to users.

In these times when we hear rumors and remedies regarding COVID, it is better to consult medical professionals to confirm the legitimacy of the news before taking any actions in haste. This might be useful for someone who might need a consultation about some symptoms that he/she might associate with covid or for anyone who needs to consult a doctor with something else but is fearful to visit hospital these days. The doctors and patients/users are brought together through live chats and discussions via Hamro Doctor.

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Hamro doctor is a platform that provides health services. If you wonder what kind of services? The only reason behind the platform’s existence is to understand a medical condition, diagnose on the basis of symptoms and give you treatment options or alternatives and recommendations from certified and experienced doctors. It was founded to make healthcare and medical consultation less complicated and widely accessible. Through Hamro Doctor, the patients get doctors, and doctors get the recognition of patients; a win-win for both.

So if you need any COVID-19 consultation or any other medical services for that matter, head on over to the Hamro Doctor app or website, do note that other services and consultation apart from COVID-19 are chargeable. They also provide services like health feed and blood donation.

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