Huawei Technologies has reduced the price of their selected smartphone models as of June 1st, 2016 to celebrate the success of Huawei’s premium flagship model Mate 8 for delivering 4 million units globally in the first 4 months of 2016.

huawei mate 8
huawei mate 8
Huawei is celebrating the success of delivering the 4 million units by decreasing the price of highly demanded smartphones in Nepali market.  The new price list for the selected models is below.
Selected ModelsNew price for Selected Models
Huawei Mate 8NPR 71,999 /-
Huawei Gr5NPR 26,499 /-
Huawei Gr3NPR 19,999 /-
Huawei Y6 ProNPR 17,999 /-
Huawei Y6 CDMANPR 18,999 /-
Huawei Gplay MiniNPR 16,999 /-
Huawei Y6 GoldNPR 14,999 /-
Huawei Y5cNPR 8,499 /-
Huawei Y3cPrice: 6,999 /-
Huawei Mate 8 is the premium flagship model of Huawei and was launched back in March with the price tag of Rs.80,000 but currently the phone is available at Rs. 71,999 and similarly other phones price like Gr5, Gr3, Y6 Pro, Y6 CDMA, Gplay Mini, Y6 Gold, Y5c, Y3c has also got decreased. If you are planning to buy the Huawei phones then this is the time to buy as you will get Huawei phones at reduced price.
Due to the decrease in the price tag of 9 different models of Huawei smartphones the competition in the market has gone high.
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