Khalti gets Payment Service Provider license from NRB


It’s no secret that Khalti has become a very popular digital payment service, alongside its well-established competitor e-Sewa. Khalti has now upped its game: Nepal Rastra Bank has now provided it with a Payment Services Provider license. This is under the ‘Payment and Settlement By law 2072‘ for wallet services through telecommunication technology and the internet.

What this means is that along with paying bills, booking tickets, and enjoying many other facilities that this digital wallet already provides, users, can now also use the new domestic money transfer facility and mobile financial services. According to a media release, “It will work to bring offline services to online and make the lives of people easier.”

Khalti: Humble beginnings

Khalti started its life from a group of young entrepreneurs in January of 2017. This enthusiastic group goes by the name of Team Janaki Technology. You might recognize this name as it’s also the mind behind several other projects such as Sparrow SMS and EasySIM. Encouraged by the success of the previous projects and noticing the growing trend of digital payment in neighboring countries India and China, the group ambitiously dived forward, creating their own digital wallet with the idea of ‘best user experience’ in their policy. Proudly, the team recalls the process of creating and nurturing Khalti as “We built Khalti brick by brick, step by step, effort upon effort, faith upon faith, and your blessings upon your blessings.” Seeing how successful Khalti has become now, is truly inspiring to hear.

Khalti has become one of the top choices for digital payment throughout Nepal. It has also proved itself to provide a top-of-the-line user experience as well. Now, more than 8 lakh active users make use of Khalti’s services regularly. This means that a lot of people appreciate the ease of transaction and cash-backs that come with using Khalti. With plans to go global soon, and the new PSP service in place, it’s no doubt that Khalti will do more to make its services top-notch and go closer to its motto of helping people make their lives easier.

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