Microsoft announced The Next Generation Of Windows on 24th June

The Next Generation Of Windows
The Next Generation Of Windows

With the May 2021 update coded 21H1, Microsoft started paving its way to what they’re calling “the next generation of Windows.” Microsoft hasn’t spared any effort in teasing the major Windows announcement scheduled for 24th June. What got us netizens stoked is the official announcement of the Sun Valley update for Windows 10. This might be the most significant graphic change that Windows 10 has ever received. 

The UI gets a makeover with rounded corners, gradients, and the addition of floating menus. People are even skeptical about the launch of Windows 11. So far, nothing is confirmed, but as we’re closing in on the day, we’re getting more rumors, leaks, and intel to what could be the next Windows- the Windows 11. Here’s what we know so far.

New features in windows:

The new update would bring a revamped Start menu, a new Action Center, File Explorer and Taskbar. This update would give them a modern aesthetic. There are elements of Microsoft’s own Windows 10X, which was developed especially for tablets and lower-end laptops. According to Windows Central, this new update will be built around Windows 10X but for a full-blown desktop experience. There could be a new Taskbar with added “news and interests” feature.

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Windows 11?

We’re working with many clues and rumors and vaguely point towards the arrival of Windows 11. Surely, Microsoft has mentioned the ”next generation of windows” and it might bring a whole lot of changes in terms of UI and UX but whether it will be the Windows 11 remains unknown. 

The speculations and rumors are based on Microsoft teasing the number 11 at its social media handles. In a Twitter post where Microsoft showed off the 24th June announcement, people grabbed on to the new Windows logo and its shadow which looks like 11. Later on, Microsoft announced the time to be 11 AM eastern. For a Seattle-based company to be announcing the update at 11 AM eastern is something that The Verge found unsettling.

And that’s pretty much about it for the theory behind the Windows 11 hype and without Microsoft officially coming ahead and releasing any statement, these darts might hit the bullseye or miss the mark. Even we don’t have the key to this Windows 11 puzzle yet. Stick around for the latest updates and stay tuned to TechnoSanta.

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