Netflix looking to introduce Netflix gaming platform

Netflix Gaming
Netflix Gaming

Netflix, the video streaming giant is about to partake in a gaming venture as well.  Rumors suggest that Netflix has been venturing to create its own Netflix gaming platform.

Netflix Gaming?

The word about it firstly came from The Information and was backed up by Reuters and Axios as well. As per the reports, Netflix was looking to hire an executive to lead this new platform. Reuters and Axios confirmed that they are not just looking for an executive but also a gaming manager and that the platform will be somewhat like Apple Arcade but on a smaller scale, obviously.

This Apple Arcade mimicking platform will be an amalgamation of licensed Netflix intellectual properties as well as works from other independent studios. Though Netflix hasn’t gone public on any of the details rather than some hints pointed out by The Information and Polygon. Netflix played around the words to say they were “excited to do more with interactive entertainment”. 

But Why?

As the OTT platforms became competitive, the growth became slower. And as they say “Stand Apart to Stand Out”, this might give Netflix a much-needed breakthrough. While it is undoubtedly the biggest video streaming platform, slower growth was enough for them to venture out to explore the world of gaming. Netflix even called Fortnite by Epic Games its biggest rival which again points towards Netflix’s association with gaming.

The reason behind pointing fingers at Epic Games was that Epic Games is working on “the Metaverse”, a virtual environment for people to gather around and share experiences in real-time.


Some of Netflix’s shows being already adapted to games- Stranger Things, La Casa de Papel, and To All the Boys. Netflix has got its teeth sunk into the meat of the gaming industry and they have a clear idea of how it is booming. If reports are anywhere near the truth, we might see Netflix’s new gaming platform by 2022.

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