PayRu Remit and eSewa Money Transfer partners to provide remittance service

PayRu Remit and eSewa Money Transfer
PayRu Remit and eSewa Money Transfer

eSewa money transfer and PayRu, an Australian remittance company, have landed a remittance payment agreement. This agreement is targeted at making remittance easy for Nepali residing in Australia. 

This tie-up will be a digital one, as users can make transactions from their smartphones or computers for a minimum charge. The transactions will occur in real time. With this, Nepalis in Australia can easily remit the desired amount directly to their bank accounts or eSewa mobile wallet. On the other end of the rope, the money remitted via PayRu can be cashed out at any one of the 8000+ eSewa agents across Nepal.

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“We Nepalis in Australia have always been troubled by the hassle of sending money to our loved ones. In order to address the issue, we have made use of technology to make remittance safe, hassle-free, and simple in a legal way. PayRu Remit has come to your service by sending remittance service from Australia in collaboration with Nepal’s leading fintech eSewa to send money to Nepal,” said Ishwar Dahal, Managing Director, PayRu Remit.

Furthermore, he said, this agreement will pave the path for digitizing International Remittance. Hoping that the illegal remittances will convert to legal remittances, PayRu asserts that once it happens, this will help both the country’s economy.

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