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PayRu Remit and eSewa Money Transfer partners to provide remittance service

PayRu Remit and eSewa Money Transfer
PayRu Remit and eSewa Money Transfer

eSewa money transfer and PayRu, an Australian remittance company, have landed a remittance payment agreement. This agreement is targeted at making remittance easy for Nepali residing in Australia. 

This tie-up will be a digital one, as users can make transactions from their smartphones or computers for a minimum charge. The transactions will occur in real time. With this, Nepalis in Australia can easily remit the desired amount directly to their bank accounts or eSewa mobile wallet. On the other end of the rope, the money remitted via PayRu can be cashed out at any one of the 8000+ eSewa agents across Nepal.

“We Nepalis in Australia have always been troubled by the hassle of sending money to our loved ones. In order to address the issue, we have made use of technology to make remittance safe, hassle-free, and simple in a legal way. PayRu Remit has come to your service by sending remittance service from Australia in collaboration with Nepal’s leading fintech eSewa to send money to Nepal,” said Ishwar Dahal, Managing Director, PayRu Remit.

Furthermore, he said, this agreement will pave the path for digitizing International Remittance. Hoping that the illegal remittances will convert to legal remittances, PayRu asserts that once it happens, this will help both the country’s economy.

Google announces Entertainment Space for Android tablets

Google Entertainment Space
Google Entertainment Space

Entertainment Space; Savior of the Doomed?

As smartphones started getting bigger and better, they overtook they foreshadowed Tablet sales by a significant margin. So much so that there weren’t as many options available in terms of Android Tablets for a long time. All thanks to lockdown, we noticed a boom in sales of the Android tablets as a bigger screen is convenient to consume media and helps with online classes and more.  According to International Data Corporation, despite all the sales and efforts, Apple’s iPads are still leading the tablet segment in the first quarter of 2021. To breathe life into Android tablets, Google has launched an Entertainment Space, particularly for tablets.

What is Entertainment Space?

Entertainment Space acts as a hub that houses your videos, books, and games together, much like Google TV or most Android TVs in general. This hub lets you discover videos, games, and books that were meant to be viewed on a bigger screen. Not just that, this will also let you resume a movie that you might have been watching, a book of your choice, or hop back into a game you left mid-way right from the interface and transition between them seamlessly. 

The standout feature for the Entertainment space is the support for ‘instant play,’ which lets you preview books for free (similar to shopping from Google Books), and the fact that this will ease out the trouble of downloading every single thing seems great.

Who is this for?

As Android tablets have become a bedside media/game console anyway, this sure gives them a new life by giving them apps and features that are truly meant for them.

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When can we expect it?

For that, you’ll have to wait a little more. This feature, as of now, will be exclusive to Onn-branded tablets from Walmart. Following up, the software support will be Lenovo, Sharp, and trickling down eventually to others later on this year.

Facebook introduced a new feature Facebook Neighborhood

Facebook Neighborhood
Facebook Neighborhood

Facebook has started testing a new space within the Facebook app itself and they’re calling it Facebook Neighborhood. It is a dedicated space baked right into the Facebook app itself that lets you connect with well you guessed it right, “neighbors”.

Why Facebook Neighborhoods?

Facebook has always been a medium for people to communicate regardless of distance. And Facebook Neighborhoods, it’s Facebook’s way of giving back to society by making us connect to the people that reside in one particular locality. This not only helps people get along offline with people of similar fields of interests or professions, as these connections are crucial for our social life as well.

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How does it work?

Facebook Neighborhoods will be a subsection on your Facebook app and it will have a different profile than your Facebook profile. Firstly, in order to join, you’ll have to be 18 years or older, and once you’ve confirmed that, you can select which neighborhood you belong to and whether you want to connect to just your own neighborhood or other nearby neighborhoods as well.

What does the profile look like?

Once you are done creating your Neighborhoods profile and selected the neighborhood, you can fill in further details about yourself. These details include your interests, favorites, and a bio that aptly describes you. Once done, you can write a post to introduce yourself to people of your neighborhood and partake in discussions with fellow neighbors.

What other benefits do you get?

There are quite a few but the major benefits that it packs are that you can engage with local groups and discover new places and get local recommendations (if you’re new to the locality, this should really help) and lastly it ensures social moderation and safety by connecting people sharing a particular geo-location in common.


This feature is currently exclusive to Canada and will soon be available for select cities in the US. We can’t help but wait till we get an update.

Razer Products are now available in Nepal officailly

Razer Laptops In Nepal
Razer Laptops In Nepal

If you’re a gamer, you might have heard about RAZER. RAZER is a tech giant that took PC gaming to a whole new level for those of you living under a rock or something. Fun fact: they were the first ones who manufactured a gaming mouse, and their laptops are one of the best gaming laptops money can buy, period. Enough with the history lessons. The news is that RAZER is now officially available for the Nepali Market. EvoStore (Evolution Trading Pvt. Ltd) is the one bringing Razer to Nepal.


Razer’s product catalog is quite wide, and it brings a plethora of gaming devices and accessories. Starting with the laptops, there will be quite a few, but those currently available with confirmed prices are Razer Blade Stealth 13 and Razer Blade 15. 

Razer Blade Stealth 13 with a 120Hz FHD display, Intel core i7-1165G7 CPU, a GTX 1650 Ti Max-Q, 512GB SSD, and 16GB of RAM will cost you NRs.2,89,000. 

For the Razer Blade 15 with a 144Hz FHD display, i7-10750H, 16GB of RAM, 512 GB SSD, and RTX 2060 or RTX 2070 Max-Q will cost you NRs.2,79000 and NRs.310000 respectively.

LaptopsVariantPrice (NRS)
Razer Blade Stealth 13i7+ GTX 1650 TiRs.289000
Razer Blade 15i7+RTX 2060Rs.279000
Razer Blade 15i7+ RTX 2070 Max-QRs.310000
Razer Laptops

And for accessories, they’ve brought gaming mice, keyboards, and headsets. Here’s a detailed list of products according to their category. 


KeyboardPrice (NRS)
Razer Cynosa LiteRs.5800
Razer Huntsman Tournament Edition Optical KeyboardRs.17500
Razer Ornata V2 Mecha-Membrane KeyboardRs.14400
Razer Keyboards


MousePrice (NRS)
Razer DeathAdder V2 (Wired)Rs.9800
Razer Viper MiniRs.5900
Razer Mouse


HeadsetsPrice (NRS)
Razer Kraken Wired HeadsetRs. 13500
Razer BlackShark V2 Headset + USB Sound CardRs. 17500
Razer Kraken X Wired Headset         Rs. 7900
Razer Hammerhead TWSRs.15500
Razer Headsets

EvoStore has also brought the Razer Arctech Pro Black phone case for iPhone 12 Max/Pro for NRs.7800.


Razer products will be exclusively available through EvoStore with a 1-year warranty on all the products.

iOS 14.5 App Tracking Transparency | Huge commotion in the advertising world

App Tracking Transparency
App Tracking Transparency

There has been a lot of commotion lately with regards to Apple’s new iOS 14.5 update. With the latest update, Apple sure has brought some new futures but what’s been a problem for Facebook and other advertisers is the App Tracking Transparency (ATT). What is that? Let’s find out.

What is App Tracking Transparency?

App Tracking Transparency or ATT is a feature that is one of the enormous advances in privacy that prevents any app from tracking a user’s online activities in the background without asking for permission. Good for users’ privacy, right?

What’s the problem then?

The problem lies in apps like Facebook, Instagram, etc., not being able to collect your data, and thus they cannot show personalized ads. “So what?” you ask. Apps rely on your data to offer you products that you might be interested in, and these apps get paid to play these ads. To put it in simple terms, if you are looking for a T-shirt, let’s say your data implies that you’re looking for it, and thus apps can show you ads from a T-shirt manufacturer that you might end up buying. But what happens after the update is that if you block App tracking, the apps will not show you relevant ads, and even if you’re looking for a T-shirt, the app might show you some ads related to groceries. 

What’s the update then?

There’s been a lot of backlashing recently, as with the release of this update, any app must prompt the user for permission before tracking the user’s activity between apps and websites.

But after the update, Facebook and even Instagram have been prompting a notice for users on iOS 14.5 to allow tracking for these apps. It helps to keep Facebook and Instagram free of cost, i.e., without any subscription charges. The notice seems to be the issue here, as it seems persuasive and even threatening as it says denying to allow tracking could lead the companies to add charges for accessing the platform in the future.

That’s everything broken down for you, so what are your thoughts on this iOS Vs. Advertisers clash going on? Let us know via comments.

Swa Adhyaya a app for Astrology, Yoga, Slokas and much more

Swa Adhyaya
Swa Adhyaya

While the notion of Spirituality and Religion might vary from one person to another, there’s no denying that this is one such area that hasn’t quite blended well with modern day technical advancements. Though there are plenty of apps and websites all over the app stores and internet that are targeted on doing so, most of them are either web based with crappy UI and their compatibility really sucks. Addressing the same issue, KodeBliss Pvt. Ltd. came up with Swa Adhyaya with the objective to develop a self-awareness of the omnipresent God within each individual and goes to a much deeper understanding of human’s relationship with the Divine and with every other being. So how is it?


This is one department where Swa- Adhyaya shines. As soon as you enter the app, the interface is well laid out with everything that the app has on offer. This not only makes for a clutter free experience but also lets you go for what you want from the get go. Addition of dark mode would have been sweet.

Swa Adhyaya
Swa Adhyaya

Services on Offer

Firstly, there’s Astrology for those of you who actually believe in it. You can get your Kundali Analysis, Match Horoscopes, Kundali Making and even study astrology if that’s something you fancy. While on the topic of Astrology, there’s also Astro shop if you believe in gemstones.

Not just astrology, Swa-Adhyaya also hosts classes for Yoga and Meditation.

Bells and Whistles

Other bells and whistles include Blogs, Muhurats, Videos and Shlokas. “Blogs” is where you find posts related to ayurveda, spirituality and more. Plus there’s the “Quote of The Day” section which shows you different quotes mostly related to spirituality and life from various intellects.

My Opinion

Religion and Spirituality is quite a sensitive topic. But for me, Religion and Spirituality is subjective and might differ from one being to the other. But for me personally, it’s your experiences that teaches you spirituality and for me religion is what binds us together. So your opinion might differ from mine. With that said, it’s a new app so there’s not much to complain about but a dark mode would have been sweet. And It’d have been great if the blogs were in the language that I chose i.e.English for English and Nepali for Nepali.

Lastly, spirituality, yoga, meditation or astrology is something that you want some guidance with, the Swa-Adhyaya app to guide you through your journey. But as the name suggests, Swa-Adhyaya means Self-Taught which goes on to say you are in charge of the journey you partake.

And for more woke content like these, stay tuned to TechnoSanta.

Countdown for Google Photos Unlimited Backup Begins

Google Photos
Google Photos

Google Photos

When Google announced that they will be ending unlimited backups for Google Photos in November last year from June 2021 onwards, it sure created a lot of fuss. It all cooled down as we thought it was too early to panic and now that the clock is ticking, we’re left with no option but to seek alternatives.

You heard it right, Google’s unlimited free storage solution for photos will cease to exist June 1 onwards. For a google account, Google provides you with 15GB of storage and starting June 1, every photo or video that you upload will consume that very storage. The only solution being getting a Google One subscription as per your storage needs, with plans starting at $2.99/mo for 200GB of storage and going up from there you can either go for the subscription or resort to third party solutions.

Google Photos Product Manager Raja Ayyagari mentioned that the Pixel (2-5) owners will continue to enjoy HQ uploads even after June 1 but even for newer Pixel owners or any other devices, uploads will take up the Google account storage.

If anyone has been sticking on to their first generation pixel, hang on to it as ‘Original Quality’ uploads will be free for you lucky peeps without any lossy compression messing up your quality images.

P.S. The 15GB of your google account storage is shared amongst google’s other clouds such as Gmail, Drive, Docs, etc. 

This move will definitely raise a question on Android purists waiting to upgrade their pixel devices as this might be a bummer for some. What do you think, let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Realme hints laptops might be on its way

Realme Laptops
Realme Laptops

There’s no denying that Realme has become one of the fastest if not the fastest growing smartphone brand in recent times. Realme also falls under the shade of BBK Electronics like its sister brands Oppo and OnePlus. Considering the fact that none of these brands indulged in releasing Laptops, things might go either way for Realme

Was it really a Prank?

Recent events suggest that Realme will be launching laptops in the coming days. While we had rumors suggesting their launch by June, that doesn’t seem to be the case and if it were to launch anytime soon, we can expect it no sooner than Q3 this year. On April Fool’s Day, realme had teased a notebook called ‘realme MeowBook’ and it slipped past as a prank. But now it is affirmative that a laptop from ‘realme’ is really happening.

The Spark of the Survey:

Realme recently conducted a survey on their community asking their basic information such as gender, age group, annual income, what brand of smartphones they use and their laptop preferences. Interestingly, the questionnaire followed up with what brand of laptop the participants used and it listed almost all major brands; ASUS, Dell, Lenovo, Xiaomi and HONOR except HP (I wonder why).

Launch Date and Price:

The question that might have given us a heads up on the release date was whether the participants are looking for a new laptop to purchase within the next 3 months, this indicates that the realme laptops might debut in the third quarter of this year.

Lastly when it came down to pricing, the participants were asked to quote a range that they are willing to pay for their next laptop. The lowest price starting at INR.30,000 going all the way up to INR.50,000, suggests that the realme laptop might come in at somewhere around the same range.

To learn more about when Realme laptops actually launch, stay tuned to TechnoSanta.

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus won’t receive anymore updates

Samsung Galaxy S8
Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus

Officially unveiled on 29th March 2017, the Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+ were flagship phones. While samsung never promised anything more than 3 years of software update, it’s been 4 years and from the past 12 months they received updates on a quarterly basis. 

Regardless of what your opinion might be on the discontinued software support, Samsung is well ahead of its league providing 3 years of monthly updates and then an entire year of quarterly updates gives Samsung the crown for Android Updates. Just to put things into perspective, even Google falls behind in providing software updates even though they are the ones making the software.

With that said, the glorious era of the Galaxy S8 lineup is officially over. So if you haven’t played around with custom ROMs as you might have feared voiding the warranty, now you can. And for team Samsung, the Galaxy S9 lineup is the oldest flagship still supported by Samsung till next year i.e. April 2022.

P.S. The Galaxy S9 lineup are already done receiving monthly updates and now will receive updates quarterly.

Ncell launches “Triple Majja Pack”

Ncell Triple Majja Pack
Ncell Triple Majja Pack

While we all face lockdown yet again, our data usage has shot up drastically. To make your extended social media browsing easy on your wallet, Ncell has brought the ”Triple Majja Pack” and this time around it’s worth your attention.

What is the Ncell ”Triple Majja Pack”?

It’s a data pack that gives you uninterrupted access to YouTube, Facebook and TikTok; the three major platforms thus the name Triple Majja at a fraction of the price. There are three different offers to this pack with different validity and volume and come in at different prices accordingly. Here’s a detailed list:

Data Volume(Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok)All Time DataValidityPrice(incl.of taxes)
1GB Per day2GB7 DaysNPR.109
1GB Per day4GB10 DaysNPR.147
1.5GB Per day6GB30 DaysNPR.459
Triple Majja Pack

There are two different data packs merged into one, firstly the Fb, Youtube and Tiktok pack with per day volume allocated to them and secondly the all time data. Once you run out of your per day data, the all time data will be consumed. And for running other apps or surfing the web,you will have to compensate for it with your all time data pack.

How to subscribe:

To subscribe to the Triple Majja Pack, you can either dial *17123# and select Triple Majja Pack or you can do it from the Ncell app or website.