Mobile Price in Nepal

We know that mobile has become an essential part of our daily life. All around the world mobile phones are the most common means of communication, Nepal being a developing country has rapidly grown its industry for smart mobiles past few years. New types of smartphones are being introduced in the Nepali market, which is making sales go over the top for smartphones. 

There are a lot of options in the market for smartphones in Nepal. Budget-level to fancy high-level devices, some of the known brands are Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and Apple. 

In the case of recent trends, Nepali consumers are loving budget-friendly with good camera smartphones, especially young consumers. Leading to various affordable smartphones with decent specifications and features, making them accessible to a wider range of audiences. The market for smart mobiles is constantly evolving and expanding, So in this article, we will discuss all the available brands and wide ranges of smartphones in Nepal. 

Mobile Brands in Nepal

As of today, there are various mobile brands available in Nepal that range from budget-level to high-end premium quality. Some of the most popular mobile phone brands in Nepal are

  1. Samsung: Well-known South Korean-based multinational company, which produces various types of electronics and appliances, that include smartphones, smartwatches, cameras, home appliances, and many others. As for its smartphones, they are known for their quality, durability, and innovative features. In the case of Nepal, Samsung offers a wide range of series: Note- series, S-series, A-series, and more which are quite popular in the market. 
  2. Xiaomi: After Samsung, the second most popular brand is Xiaomi. It is a Chinese electronics company that produces a wide range of items like smartphones, laptops, earphones, fitness bands, and more. Self-developed mobile phones chips to high-end camera smartphones, the brand is one of the largest-selling phone companies, with over 110 million pieces sold in 2019, alone. In the context of Nepal, they are distributed with two official authorized distributors, Vatsal Impex Pvt. Ltd., and Teledirect Pvt. Ltd. And under Xiaomi, they got two official names one is Xiaomi (Mi) itself, other one is Redmi. 
  3. Honor: Chinese smartphone brand which was founded in 2013 as a sub-brand of Huawei. Now, Honor is one of the leading budget-line phone companies in China because of its online-centric strategy. However, the prices of smartphones are a bit higher in Nepal since they don’t adapt to the same strategy. Honor has an official distributor with Kratos Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  4. Realme: Realme is a sub-brand of Oppo and is one of the fastest-growing smartphone brands globally that offers high-end specifications phones at less prices. Known for its youth-focused technologies, that is expanding all around the world. Not only phones, the brand also offers various accessories, smart TVs, smartwatches, and other IoT products. As the brand is very popular globally, it faced criticism for its price policies in the context of Nepal. The official distributor of Realme is Shanker Group while currently only offering four different types of mobiles in Nepal.
  5. Apple: An American tech company is known for iconic items like iPods, Macs, and most popularly iPhones. The Apple iPhone has become a lifestyle choice and Apple fans are always eagerly waiting for their products around the world. In Nepal, Apple products are officially distributed by GenNext while also providing 1-year company warranty if bought officially. 
  6. OnePlus: Multinational smartphone company that targets high-end products in the market with features like higher refresh rates and faster processors. Their smart mobile runs on OxygenOS, meaning the interface is built based on Android. It is sold through iHub Pvt. Ltd which offers 40 plus authorized stores inside Kathmandu Valley and 15 Plus outside Kathmandu. 
  7. Nokia: Legendary Company and nostalgic brand, Nokia. Although it is not as popular as it used to be, it was the first ever brand to introduce smartphones globally. But now it is struggling to keep up with the competition from high-end companies. Currently, HMD Global and Teletalk Pvt. Ltd. is responsible for Nokia Brand in Nepal. 

Mobile Price in Nepal

Here, we list down all the latest to old smartphones from the above brands: 

Samsung Mobile Price in Nepal

Samsung MobilePrice in Nepal
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Rs. 226,999 (12/256GB)
Rs. 239,999 (12/512GB)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5Rs. 139,999 (8/256GB)
Samsung Galaxy A14 4GRs. 20,999 (4/64GB)
Samsung Galaxy S23 UltraRs. 191,999 (12/256GB)
Rs. 209,999 (12/512GB)
Samsung Galaxy S23 PlusRs. 151,999 (8/256GB)
Samsung Galaxy S23Rs. 127,999 (8/256GB)
Samsung Galaxy A14 5GRs. 27,999 (6/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy M04 Rs. 15,499 (4/64GB)
Rs. 17,499 (4/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A04eRs. 13,499 ( 3/32GB)
Samsung Galaxy A04sRs. 19,999 (4/64GB)
Rs. 21,999 (4/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A04Rs. 14,999 (3/32GB)
Rs. 16,999 (4/64GB)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4Rs. 144,999 (8/256GB)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4Rs. 244,999 (12/256GB)
Samsung Galaxy F13Rs. 24,000 (4/128GB)
Galaxy A53 5GRs. 57,499 (8GB/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A73 5GRs. 75,999 (8GB/256GB)
Samsung Galaxy A23Rs. 25,999 (4GB/64GB)
Rs. 29,999 (6GB/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy M33 5GRs. 33,999 (6GB/128GB)
Rs. 35,999 (8GB/128GB)
Rs. 46,999 (8GB/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy S22Rs. 124,999 (8GB/256GB)
Samsung Galaxy S22 PlusRs. 137,999 (8GB/256GB)
Samsung Galaxy S22 UltraRs. 179,999 (12/256GB)
Samsung Galaxy S21 FERs. 89,999 (8GB/256GB)
Samsung Galaxy A03 CoreRs. 11,999 (2GB/32GB)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3Rs. 219,999(12/256GB )
Rs. 229,999(12/512GB)
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3Rs.124,999(8/256GB)
Samsung Galaxy A52s 5GRs. 53,999 (6/128GB)
Rs. 55,999(8/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy M52 5GRs. 42,999 (6/128GB)
Rs. 45,999 (8/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy F42 5GRs. 31,999 (6/126GB)
Rs. 34,999 (8/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy M51Rs. 39,999 (6/128GB)
Rs. 43, 999 (8/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy M02Rs. 11,999 (2/32GB)
Rs. 12,999 (3/32GB)
Samsung Galaxy M02sRs. 14,499 (3/32GB)
Rs. 15,999 (4/64GB)
Samsung Galaxy A32 (SM-A325F)Rs. 31,999 (6/128BG)
Rs. 34,999 (8/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy M62 (M625F)Rs. 39,999 (6/128GB)
Rs. 42,999 (8/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A12Rs. 19,999 (4/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A22Rs. 27,999(6/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy M32Rs. 24,999 (4/64GB)
Rs. 27,999 (6/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy F22Rs. 20,999 (4/64GB)
Rs. 24,499 (6/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A03sRs. 15,499 (3/32GB)
Rs. 16,999 (4/64GB)
Samsung Galaxy A72Rs. 51,999(8/128GB)
Rs. 56, 999(8/256GB)
Samsung Galaxy Note 20Rs.1,09,999 (256GB)
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2Rs. 2,09,999 (256GB)
Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra 5GRs. 1,54,999 (12/256GB)
Samsung Galaxy S21 PlusRs. 1,29,999 (256GB)
Samsung Galaxy S21 5G- G991Rs. 1,09,999 (8/256GB)
Samsung Galaxy A2 CoreRs. 8,499 (1/16GB)
Samsung Galaxy M01 CoreRs. 8,399 (1/16GB)
Samsung Galaxy A01Rs. 13,499 (2/16GB)
Samsung Galaxy A10sRs. 14,999 (2/32GB)
Samsung Galaxy M10Rs. 14,999 (3GB/32GB)
Samsung Galaxy M10sRs. 15,999 (3GB/32GB)
Samsung Galaxy M21Rs. 22,999 (4/64GB)
Rs. 27,499 (6/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A21sRs. 22,499 (4/64GB)
Samsung Galaxy M11Rs. 18,999 (3/32GB)
Samsung Galaxy M31Rs. 28,999 (6/128GB)
Rs. 34,999 (8/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A51Rs. 39,999 (6/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A71Rs. 49,999 (8/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 LiteRs. 58,999 (8/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy Note 9Rs. 69,999 (128GB)
Samsung Galaxy S10Rs. 74,999 (128GB)
Samsung Galaxy S10 PlusRs. 89,999 (128GB)
Rs. 99,999 (512GB)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10Rs. 1,11,399 (256GB)
Samsung Galaxy Note 10 PlusRs. 1,29,599 (256GB)
Samsung Galaxy S20Rs. 94,999 (128GB)
Samsung Galaxy S20 PlusRs. 1,04,999 (128GB)
Samsung Galaxy S20 UltraRs. 1,59,999 (128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A10 [Discontinued]Rs. 13,490 (2/32GB)
Samsung Galaxy M10 [Discontinued]Rs. 13,790 (2/16GB)
Samsung Galaxy M20 [Discontinued]Rs. 17,490 (3/32GB)
Samsung Galaxy A20 [Discontinued]Rs. 19,490 (3/32GB)
Samsung Galaxy A30 [Discontinued]Rs. 23,899 (4/64GB)
Samsung Galaxy A50 [Discontinued]Rs. 26,699 (4/64GB)
Samsung Galaxy M40[Discontinued]Rs. 25,999 (6/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A70 [Discontinued]Rs. 40,799 (6/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy S10E [Discontinued]Rs. 73,999 (6/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A20s [Discontinued]Rs. 18,899 (3/32GB)
Rs. 19,999 (4/64GB)
Samsung Galaxy A30s [Discontinued]Rs. 27,499 (4/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A50s [Discontinued]Rs. 33,599 (6/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A70s [Discontinued]Rs. 46,999 (6/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy M30s [Discontinued]Rs. 24,899 (4/64GB)
Rs. 28,699 (6/128GB)
Samsung Galaxy A80 [Discontinued]Rs. 49,999 (8/128GB)

Xiaomi Mobile Price in Nepal

Mi Phones:

Model Price in Nepal
Xiaomi 12 Pro Rs. 114,999 (12/256GB)
Xiaomi 12X Rs. 71,999 (8/256GB)
Xiaomi 12 Rs. 87,999 (8/256GB)
Mi 11 Lite Rs. 34, 999 (6/128GB)
Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE Rs. 45,999 (8/128GB)

Rs. 48, 999 (8/256GB)

Mi 11X Pro Rs. 64, 999 (8/128GB)

Rs. 67, 999 (8/256GB)

Mi 11 Rs. 89,999 (8/256GB)

Redmi Phones:

Model Price in Nepal
Redmi A1 Rs. 11,999 (2/32GB)
Redmi 10C Rs. 18,999 (4/64 GB)
Redmi 9A Rs. 12,999 (2/32GB)

Rs. 13,999 (3/32GB)

Redmi 10A Rs 13,999 (2/32GB)

Rs 15,999 (3/64GB)

Rs. 17,999 (4/128GB)

Redmi 9C Rs. 15,999 (3/64GB)

Rs. 17,999 (4/128GB)

Redmi 9 Activ Rs. 15,999 (4/64GB)
Redmi 10 Rs. 18,999 (4/64GB)

Rs. 21,999 (6/128GB)

Redmi 10 Prime Rs. 20,499 (4/64GB)

Rs. 23,999 (6/128GB)

Redmi  Note 10S Rs. 25,999 (6/64GB)

Rs. 27,999 (6/128GB)

Rs. 29,999 (8/128GB)

Redmi Note 10 Pro Rs. 33,999 (6/128GB)
Redmi Note 11 Rs. 23,999 (4/64GB)

Rs. 24,999 (4/128GB)

Rs. 27,999 (6/128GB)

Redmi Note 11S Rs. 30,999 (6/128GB)

Rs. 32,999 (8/128GB)

Redmi Note 11 Pro 5G Rs. 38,499 (6/128GB)

Rs. 41,499 (8/128GB)

Honor Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Price in Nepal
Honor X5 Rs. 11,990 (2/32GB)
Honor X9 Rs. 38,490 (8/128GB)
Honor X8 Rs. 29,990 (6/128GB)
Honor X8a Rs. 30,490 (8/128GB)
Honor X7 Rs. 24,990 (4/128GB)
Honor X7a Rs. 22,900 (6/128GB)
Honor 50 Lite Rs. 34,990 (8/128GB)
Honor 7S Rs.10,999 (2/16GB)
Honor Rs. 12,599 (2/32GB)
Honor Rs.14,299 (3/32GB)
Honor Rs.15,699 (3/64GB)
Honor Rs.30,999 (6/128GB)

Realme Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Price in Nepal
Realme C33 Rs. 16,499 (3/32GB)

Rs. 18,499 (4/64GB)

Realme 9i 5G Rs. 29,999 (6/128GB)
Realme GT 2 Pro Rs. 109,999 (12/256GB)
Realme GT Neo 3 Rs. 77,999 (12/256GB)
Realme Gt Neo 2 Rs. 54,199 (8/128GB)

Rs. 60,999 (12/256GB)

Realme 10 Rs. 29,999 (8/128GB)
Realme 10 Pro Plus Rs. 45,000 (8/128GB)
Realme 9 Pro Plus Rs. 42,999(6/128GB)

Rs. 45,999(8/128GB)

Realme 9 Rs. 31,999 (6/128GB)

Rs. 33,499 (6/128GB)

Realme 9i Rs. 24,499 (4/64GB)

Rs. 27,999 (6/128GB)

Realme 8i Rs. 23,799 (4/64GB)

Rs. 27,199 (6/128GB)

Realme Narzo 50 Rs. 23,999 (4/64 GB)

Rs. 27,499 (6/128GB)

Realme Narzo 50i Rs. 12,999 13,499 (2/32GB)

Rs. 15,499 15,799 (4/64GB)

Realme C35 Rs. 21,299 (4/64GB)

Rs. 22,799 (4/128 GB)

Rs. 24,999 (6/128GB)

Realme C25Y Rs. 18,749 (4/64GB)

Rs. 20,449 (4/128GB)

Realme C21Y Rs. 16,199 (3/32GB)

Rs. 17,899 (4/64GB)

Realme C11 (2021) Rs. 13,499 (2/32GB)

Rs. 15,799 (4/64GB)

Apple iPhone Mobile Price in Nepal

Model Price in Nepal
iPhone 14 Rs. 154,990 (128GB)

Rs. 173,990 (256GB)

Rs. 209,990 (512GB)

iPhone 14 Plus Rs. 173,990 (128GB)

Rs. 192,990 (256GB)

Rs. 229,990 (512GB)

iPhone 14 Pro Rs. 187,990 (128GB)

Rs. 207,990 (256GB)

Rs. 246,990 (512GB)

Rs. 284,990 (1TB)

iPhone 14 Pro Max Rs. 207,990 (128GB)

Rs. 226,990 (256GB)

Rs. 265,990 (512GB)

Rs. 304,990 (1TB)

iPhone 13 Rs.129,990 (128GB)

Rs.156,990 (256GB)

Rs. 191,990 (512GB)

iPhone 13 Pro Rs. 174,990 (128GB)

Rs. 191,990 (256GB)

Rs. 225,990 (512GB)

Rs. 260,990 (1TB)

iPhone 13 Pro Max Rs. 191,990 (6/128 GB)

Rs. 208,990 (6/256 GB)

Rs. 242,990 (6/512 GB)

Rs. 277,990 (6 GB/1TB)

iPhone 13 mini Rs. 122,990 (128GB)

Rs. 139,990 (256GB)

Rs. 171,990 (512GB)

iPhone 12 Rs. 120,900 (64GB)

Rs. 1,28,900 (128GB)

Rs. 1,44,900 (256GB)

iPhone 12 Pro Rs. 1,56,100 (128GB)

Rs. 1,72,700 (256GB)

Rs. 2,19,900 (512GB)

iPhone 12 Pro Max Rs. 1,71,000 (128GB)

Rs. 1,87,600 (256GB)

Rs. 2,35,900 (512GB)

iPhone 12 Mini Rs 1,31,900 (256GB)
iPhone 11 Rs. 76,990(64 GB)

Rs. 89,990(128GB)

Rs. 1,24,000(256GB)

iPhone SE 2022 Rs. 60,000 (64GB)

Rs. 70,000 (128GB)

Rs. 80,000 (256GB)

OnePlus Mobile Phone in Nepal

Model  Price in Nepal
OnePlus 11 Rs. 129,999 (8/128GB)

Rs. 134,999 (16/256GB)

OnePlus Nord N20 SE Rs. 23,499 (4/64GB)
OnePlus Nord 2 5G Rs. 59,999 (8/128GB)

Rs. 69,999 (12/256GB)

OnePlus Nord CE 2 Lite 5G Rs. 39,999 (8/128GB)
OnePlus Nord CE 2 5G Rs. 47,499 (8/128GB)
OnePlus 10 Pro Rs. 1,34,999 (12/256GB)
OnePlus Nord CE 5G Rs. 44,999 (8/128GB)

Rs. 51,499 (12/256GB)

OnePlus 9 Pro Rs. 1,19,990 (8/256GB)

Rs. 1,29,990 (12/256GB)

OnePlus 9 Rs. 1,04,999 (12/256GB)
OnePlus 8T Rs. 78,999 (8/128GB)

Rs. 85,999 (12/128GB)

OnePlus Nord Rs. 52,999 (8/128GB)
OnePlus 7 Rs. 60,000 (8/256GB)
OnePlus 7 Pro Rs.90,000 (8/256GB)

Rs.99,000 (12/256GB)

OnePlus 7T Rs.67,000 (8/128GB)
OnePlus 7T Pro Rs.92,000 (8/256GB)
OnePlus 8 Rs.93,000 (12/256GB)
OnePlus 8 Pro Rs.110,000 (8/128GB)

Rs.125,000 (12/256GB)

Nokia Mobile Price in Nepal

Nokia Bar Mobiles:

Model Price in Nepal
Nokia 105 S.S. Rs. 2,399
Nokia 105 D.S. Rs. 2,499
Nokia 110 D.S Rs. 3,099
The New Nokia 110 D.S Rs. 3,299
Nokia 125 D.S. Rs. 3,444
Nokia 150 D.S. (2020) Rs. 4,144
Nokia 5310 D.S. Rs. 5,499
Nokia 6310 D.S. Rs. 6,299

Nokia Smartmobiles:

Model Price in Nepal
Nokia C1 2E  Rs. 6,999 (1/16GB)
Nokia C20  Rs. 10,999 (2/32GB)
Nokia C30  Rs. 12,999 (2/32GB)
Nokia C21 Plus [NEW] Rs. 16,499 (3/32GB)
Nokia G11 Plus [NEW] Rs. 19,499 (3/64GB)
Nokia G10  Rs. 16,999 (4/64GB)
Nokia G20  Rs. 19,999 (4/64GB)
Nokia G21 Rs. 22,999 (6/128GB)

Factors to consider while buying a Smartphone

When it comes to buying a new smartphone, it can be very overwhelming of the various options available in the market. So here are some of the factors to consider while buying a smartphone:

  1. Battery: The most crucial and important in order to buy a phone is its battery productivity and features. The longevity of mobile phones is very important as it can make your device inconvenient. If you frequently use multiple apps at the same time (playing videos or playing games) is very much that your phone gonna drain faster. So by choosing a longer-lasting battery phone you will be able to enjoy the applications. 
  2. Processor: Well there are many processors to choose from such as quad-core, octa-core, Snapdragon, MediaTek, and many more which will gonna make it difficult to choose from. So simply, look for processor speed that is usually expressed in GHz. The higher the GHz speed, the faster the processor. If you are planning to use the mobile for photo or video editing, to play games, and more then opt for the higher-speed processor to ensure smoother performance. 
  3. Display: Display also matters while buying a smartphone, ideal screen size is typically between 5.5 to 6 inches which have HD or QHD display. In order to enjoy high-quality content without compromising on portability, choose a screen size in this range so you can strike balance between an immersive media experience and practicality. 
  4. Camera: Smartphone companies are always in competition where they offer various outstanding camera sections. But which is the one for you, the most popular one is megapixels, it does not mean that it has better quality. Some factors to know whether the camera quality is good or not like its ISO levels, aperture, and autofocus speed. So if you love to take a lot of photos, choose a smartphone with a 12 to 16MP camera with an aperture of f/2.0 or lower. Which will give you good results in low light as well. 
  5. Memory: In terms of memory you will have two to choose from RAM and ROM which determine the mobile speed and storage capacity. The higher the RAM the faster the device, but if higher the ROM more storage capacity. Consider buying 2GB of RAM and 16GB of ROM for the basic users, but for the heavy users you should at least opt for 3 to 4 GB of RAM and 64GB of ROM. You should know that balance between both RAM and ROM is important, as it can cause slower performances. 
  6. Operating System: There are only two options available either Android or iOS. IOS doesn’t have many options just Apple iPhones, but if you choose Android there are various brands to choose from. As Android often tweaks and adds many additional features, you can get confused so before buying immediately try using the phone so that you are comfortable with the OS and any added features. So you could know the added features and whether you need them or not. 
  7. Price: Lastly, you should also consider if the mobile is worth your money or not. Yes, you already have a budget fixed for the smartphone purchase but you need to know if the smartphone is good in its price range that includes specifications and other factors of the phone. So in order to know that compare and do research before buying any smartphone.

Why smartphones and other electronic gadgets are expensive in Nepal?

Smartphones and other electronic gadgets are expensive in Nepal because of various reasons such as distribution channels, taxes, the quality of products being sold, lack of in-house industries, make in India Policy, Dollar Fluctuation, and Greediness. 


Which phone is best in the budget segment?

The best budget segment phones are Realme 10, POCO C55, Redmi Note 11 SE, Realme C35, iQOO Z6 Lite 5G, POCO M4 Pro, and Redmi 11 Prime 5G. 

Which phone is best in the mid-range segment?

The best smartphones in the mid-range segment are: Google Pixel 6a, Motorola Moto G89, OnePlus Nord 2T 5G, Nothing Phone 1, POCO X5 Pro, Realme 9 Pro+, and POCO X4 Pro 5G.

Which phone is best in the premium segment?

The best phones in the premium segment are iPhone 14 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra, Google Pixel 7 Pro, OnePlus 11, Oppo Find X5 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus, Motorola Edge 30 Ultra, Xiaomi 12 Pro, Samsung Galaxy S22, and Realme GT 2 Pro. 

Which mobile brand is the no 1 brand in Nepal?

According to a trustworthy source (Q1 2022), Xiaomi is the no 1 mobile brand in Nepal, with a market of 36%. Then after Samsung holds second place with a market share of 28% in the Nepali market. 

Which are the popular mobile brands in Nepal?

The popular mobile brands in Nepal include Xiaomi, Samsung, Honor, Realme, Apple, OnePlus, and Nokia. 

What are the factors to consider while buying a smartphone?

The factors to consider while buying a smartphone are: 

  1. Battery
  2. Processor
  3. Display 
  4. Camera
  5. Memory 
  6. Operating System
  7. Price

Why are mobile phones expensive in Nepal?

Mobile is expensive in Nepal because of various reasons such as distribution channels, taxes, the quality of products being sold, lack of in-house industries, make-in-India Policy, Doller Fluctuation, and Greediness. 

Is buying a smartphone online safe in Nepal?

Yes, buying a smartphone online is safe in Nepal. But it’s important to take to ensure that you should use proper and reputable e-commerce websites like Daraz, SastoDeal, or SmartDoko which will protect your personal and financial information. 


The Mobile price in Nepal can be depended on which type and brand of smartphone you are choosing. In this article, we have listed all the popular smartphone brands in Nepal along with their prices. Some of the factors to consider while buying a smartphone and the reasons why smartphones are expensive in Nepal. 

While reading this page, you will know the major attributes to be seen in order to buy smartphones in Nepal and various official online channels to purchase smartphones with securing your personal and financial information. Well so to make your queries easier, we have included all the information on Mobile Price in Nepal.