It’s been a short while since the Samsung Galaxy S10 has been officially released to the public. Following the hype of many leaks and rumors (some of which were dead-wrong), the official release of Samsung’s new flagship was pretty well received by the community. With three models to choose from, this is the first time that Samsung has released a cheaper model for this flagship series. With the phones sporting some brilliant features like the wireless PowerShare, in-display fingerprint sensor and pin-hole dual selfie cameras, it’s pretty natural that many of us are super eager to get our hands on this beast of a phone.

Along with officially announcing its new Samsung flagship on Feb 20, Samsung also announced that the pre-order (international) for them would start on the very same day and now the Samsung Nepal has also announced the pre-order for the new beasts. Samsung Nepal is offering the Galaxy Buds to the pre-bookers worth Rs 14,500 for free.

Pre-order prices of Samsung Galaxy S10 series:

Model NamePrice (NRS)

Galaxy S10E

Galaxy S10

Galaxy S10 Plus

Galaxy S10 Plus (512 GB variant)

The pre-order is available from the S10 prebooking website for Nepaland many other distributors listed on the website. However, you can also pre-order them by going to your nearest Samsung distributor and filling out a pre-order form. This requires a conformation payment of NRs 5000.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 Series Overview:

The S10 is a fitting heir to Samsung’s long standing anniversary release tradition. It combines 10 years’ worth of advances in smart-phone technology. It comes in three models: S10, S10E (Lite) and S10 Plus.

The phone’s Infinite-O display with a very high screen-to-body ratio makes multitasking easier and uncluttered. The S10 Plus comes in at a screen length of 6.4″ and the S10 at 6.1″. S10e follows at a much smaller screen size of 5.8″. Similarly, the screens consist of a Quad HD+ dynamic AMOLED display for the non-Lite versions and a Full HD+ dynamic AMOLED display for the S10E.

The S10 and S10 Plus have three rear cameras: a regular image sensor, a wide angle and a telephone lens. The Lite version however, has only two rear cameras. The S10 and S10E have one selfie camera each, but the S10 Plus sets itself apart with dual-selfie cameras at the front. The S10 and S10 Plus come with an in-screen fingerprint sensor while the S10E comes with a fingerprint sensor built into the power button.

Processor wise, the models flaunt the latest revision of the Exynos9 Series 9820 chip. The US version however, will come with the Snapdragon 855 which is, honestly speaking, quite superior to the other in terms of performance. The CPU comes bundled with Mali-G76 GPU that will deliver a performance boost of 40%. This is constant for all the three S10 models. However, the S10E only sports a measly 6GB of RAM while the S10 and S10Plus offer 8GBs of RAM. The S10 Plus also offers a whopping 12 gigs of RAM for the 1TB storage option.

Yup, a full terabyte of internal storage in a smartphone. Technology has really come forward a lot, hasn’t it? So what do you think of the new Samsung S10 series? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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