Samsung is offering Valentine’s Day Cashback Offer

Valentine Cashback Offer Samsung
Valentine Cashback Offer Samsung

Did you know that more than a billion Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged worldwide each year? I didn’t either until I googled it two minutes ago!

Valentine's Day Cashback Offer

Valentine’s day is just around the corner, fellow Nepali tech-fanatics. And with all the overpriced electronic gadgets populating the market right now(sometimes without enough features to back it up), one might feel a bit too empty in the wallet to give their loved ones a proper gift. Well, fear not because Samsung’s here to back you up.

This Valentine’s season, Samsung’s offering a brilliant cashback offer on up to 10 phones. Yes, you heard that right. With offers valid on entry-level smartphones to some pretty high-end ones, the discount amounts range from Rs 1000 up to Rs 15,400. The most notable price drop is definitely on the Galaxy A6, with a staggering drop from its original launch price of Rs 39,980 to a much reduced Rs 24,490. Couple the price drop with the fact that the A6 boasts an octa-core 1.6 GHz Cortex A53 processor with 4 solid gigs of RAM. That sounds like a good deal to me, hmm…

Samsung Valentine’s Day Cashback Offer Pricelist:
Phone ModelOriginal priceCashback AmountPrice After Cashback
Galaxy S9+ (128 gb)Rs 1,04,900Rs 12,000Rs 92,900
Galaxy S9+ (64 gb) Rs 99,900Rs 12,000Rs 87,900
Galaxy A9Rs 60,390Rs 6,400Rs 53,990
Galaxy A7Rs 40,990Rs 7,000Rs 33,990
Galaxy A6+Rs 44,390Rs 13,900Rs 30,490
Galaxy A6Rs 39,890Rs 15,400Rs 24,490
Galaxy J8Rs 29,990Rs 2,600Rs 27,390
Galaxy J6+Rs 25,290Rs 2,000Rs 23,290
Galaxy J4+Rs 18,890Rs 2,900Rs 15,990
Galaxy J4Rs 15,490Rs 1,000Rs 14,490
Galaxy J2 2018Rs 14,290Rs 1,100Rs 13,190
Galaxy J2 CoreRs 11,690Rs 1,200Rs 10,490

The other phones on the A series are also to see drops in the price range, although not as drastic as the A6. The Galaxy S9+ variants are seeing price drops as well and with the Galaxy S10 scheduled to release on February 20 a few days from now, we can’t see why not. With the 128GB version now well below the 1,00,000 mark after the price drop, maybe it’s finally your time to get your (or your loved ones’!) hands-on this awesome phone.

The J- series phones are on the list as well though they don’t boast much of a drop. However, there are some pretty good contenders for the series so you’d be well advised to keep an eye out for them too.

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