[TS Spotlight] Smart Krisi App: Making Agriculture Smarter

smart krisi mobile app
smart krisi mobile app

When we think of apps, most of us would think of Facebook, Youtube, or Instagram. The internet and widespread app culture has brought technology and entertainment to the tips of our fingers. We can video chat over someone living in another country with little to no lag at all or play mobile games till the heart’s desire. “Connection” with another person is only a finger click away.

But while watching content created by another person on the opposite side of the globe is definitely entertaining (and adding cat ears to your face is pretty amusing as well), various developers have come forward that aim to use this technology in a way that can help others. In this article, we will go over one of them which seeks to provide cutting-edge agricultural information to users at the tap of a finger.

Smart Krisi:

Smart Krisi is an app dedicated to providing accurate and updated information about agriculture-related topics in Nepal. Built by Anil Regmi for the Ncell App Camp 2014, the Smart Krisi app aims to take advantage of growing internet and smartphone access in the agricultural regions of Nepal to provide critical information that farmers might need about crops, livestock, fertilizers, seasonal cycling, seed quality, etc.

  • Smart Krishi App
  • Smart Krishi App
  • Smart Krishi App

Although this app idea didn’t secure Regmi a seat in the finals, he continued working the app. The developer released it almost a year later, and as of right now Smart Krisi has been downloaded by over 100k users. Over 2000 users have left reviews, most of which are positive.

A Smarter Source of Agricultural Info:

The Smart Krisi app is laid out like an encyclopedia where users can search for and discover information about various topics related to agriculture. It spreads across multiple subsections, each of which has a specific purpose. Using the app is pretty intuitive, which might make it easier to learn by older generations as well.

This app aims to teach best practices (व्यवसायिक कृषी) to farmers. The Krisi Library section of the app is a large storehouse of agriculture-related info. It contains content written by experts related to agriculture-related data, feedings for livestock, manure production, benefits of locally available herbs/fruits for a particular disease, and much more in simple language that isn’t hard to understand.

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A True Samajik Sanjal: Connecting farmers together

Another interesting feature of this app is the “Krishak Sanjal“. It interconnects farmers with each other where they can ask questions and help each other out. Users can also get information on upcoming agricultural training or events happening near them as well. Furthermore, in addition to interacting with fellow farmers and event organizers, the app also allows users to ask queries to experienced agriculture workers. Users can simply send an SMS with their questions, which will get answered by experts and agricultural scientists.

In another section, users can view the daily price information across many major cities of Nepal. This can help fight the injustice that farmers have to suffer while selling their hard-earned crops.


Smart Krisi is one of the best apps on the market right now for agricultural information. It provides farmers and agriculture workers with a reliable source of information and aims to forge a form of connection with other farmers as well. It is easy to use and lots of people have been using it already. The various features found in this app can be an invaluable tool for farmers as well.

All in all, this is a great example of how apps can be used to help underdeveloped sectors in Nepal.

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