mDabali introduced “Spot Banking Service.”

Spot banking in mDabali mobile banking service

InfoDevelopers has launched a spot banking service that enables Cooperative and microfinance members to easily deposit and withdraw money in their accounts without any hassle. This is made possible with the mDabali Mobile Banking service.

By using this service, it is not necessary to reach out to the cooperatives and microfinance institutions to make transactions. The task can be done easily by the person appointed by the cooperatives and microfinance institutions, i.e., the ‘spot leader’ instead.

With the second wave of Covid-19 further weakening the financial sector, which has already been weakened by the first wave of Covid-19, it is not possible for cooperatives and microfinance institutions to conduct banking transactions as openly as before.

Addressing the situation, InfoDevelopers has launched Spot Banking Service (At Home Banking) in mDabali Mobile Banking. Using this, cooperatives and microfinance institutions will be able to appoint their leaders as ‘spot leaders’ to provide the facility of depositing and withdrawing money in their village-local accounts.

Spot leaders will be able to reconcile their accounts with real-time transactions using the bank transfer facility on cooperatives and microfinance in the mDabali app.

In this way, the organization, spot leaders, and members will be able to carry out banking transactions completely without meeting each other. Umesh Raghubanshi, chief executive officer of the company, said that “the cooperatives and microfinance institutions can help their customers to increase their income as well as operate door-to-door banking services through spot leaders through the spot banking service.”

He added that the spot Banking service might serve as an alternative to the ATM service. Cooperative and microfinance members can instantly transfer money from their accounts to the accounts of various banks and financial institutions in Nepal through the mDabali mobile app.

Members can also transfer their account balance, view balance information, view statements, acquire and pay loan information as well as recharge phone, internet, TV, and much more using the service.

This works just like a mobile banking app, and you can also pay electricity and drinking water bills, book air tickets, pay through QR(fonePay), pay insurance premiums, pay school bills, etc., from the convenience of your home.

InfoDevelopers Pvt. Ltd., which has been working in information and communication technology for the past 19 years, has been providing core banking systems and various other services for cooperatives and microfinance. With more than a thousand cooperatives and microfinance institutions currently affiliated with InfoDevelopers, the company has also launched mobile banking, ATM, e-banking, and tablet banking services.

In collaboration with the country’s leading payment service providers eSewa, Khalti, IME Pay, Prabhu Pay, it is successfully providing digital banking services to cooperatives and microfinance institutions through the mDabali Mobile Banking Platform.

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