Spotify Greenroom a Clubhouse competitor launched

Spotify Greenroom
Spotify Greenroom

Cashing on the Clubhouse bandwagon, Spotify has launched its competitor and it’s called Spotify Greenroom. This all began when Clubhouse was exclusive to iOS users, that too for select countries. Soon, companies decided to take fill in the void left by Clubhouse and its “invite-only” modus operandi with the intent to be the ultimate Clubhouse substitute- the competing brands include names like Facebook, Twitter (Twitter Spaces), Telegram, and Spotify. This all began with Spotify acquiring Betty Labs in March 2021. Betty Labs owned Locker Room- a live audio system and now Locker Room is the core for Spotify Greenroom. All that history lessons aside, here’s what the clubhouse competitor brings to your service.

What is Spotify Greenroom?

If you haven’t yet comprehended, Spotify Greenroom is a similar platform to Clubhouse. This is a new social audio app that lets you interact with a group of people you know, follow, or otherwise. You not just can participate in an interactive live audio discussion with fellow members, but also host one if you want to (i.e. it basically brings along Clubhouse features). 

Spotify says, “We’re building Greenroom with the creators and artists in mind who make Spotify great, optimizing for interactivity and deep connections between participants in live rooms,”

What makes it different from Clubhouse?

Spotify’s Greenroom has creators and artists in mind and Spotify has launched Spotify Creator Fund that helps creators monetize live audio. A creator can record as well as publish their audio interactions as podcasts and can publish it on Spotify. With the recording feature, creators can create on-demand content with references from live conversations.

Spotify Creator Fund is based on a royalty model used for musicians to live content shared by Greenroom. Payments will mainly be based on how much live content is consumed, the number of participants involved in the creator’s rooms. These will all be calculated on a weekly basis and as the audience grows, so do the creators’ monetary benefits.

This bridges the gap between audio streaming and the live audio system between both the Spotify entities. 

Other features:

Other Greenroom features include built-in chat controls virtual whiteboards, live polls, and more. Spotify compares Greenroom’s features to have everything that a modern video tool can offer. It also adds copyright infringement policies to maintain the authenticity of original content. You can also report a profile as well as block another user.

Then there is “Gems”- this is Spotify’s way of rewarding a speaker. When a speaker speaks something that you like, you tap on their profile to reward them with “Gems”. The number of gems will then be displayed on your profile as an award of sorts.


It is available in most countries where Spotify is available but sadly Nepal isn’t one of them. As it is in its early stages, as of now the app is only available in English. The best part about Greenroom is that anyone and everyone can use Greenroom (given that it’s available in your country) even if they do not have a Spotify Premium account.

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