We all know that nowadays Android games are getting more popular all over the world. So today I’m going to talk about these top 5 trending Android games which are very popular and people love playing these games.

Top 5 Trending Android Games

5. Temple Run 2

This game is quite addictive, and most people love to play these awesome games. This game is all about earning achievements and points while running and we have to collect coins that are on the way, and the coins can be used to unlock different levels of achievements. This game can be played easily by kids as well as adults. As time passes, the difficulty level increases and the game becomes more and more attractive.

Features of this game:-

  • Awesome graphic designs.
  • Unique powers with each character.
  • More achievements are frequently added.
  • Entirely new Adventure.

4. Dream League Soccer 2016

This game is designed for those people who are interested in football. In this game first, you have to make your team, own players, and your club. To rank your club in a higher position, you will have to win the game by beating your opponents. You can also transfer the players from one club to another, and you can buy famous players too. This game has been published in Google Play by first touch games. The interactive User Interface and the cool graphics make this game even more enjoyable. People who are highly interested in football can find this game fascinating, and most of the teenagers are addicted to this game.
Features of this game:-
  • Create your dream team.
  • Play on the way to glory.
  • Challenge the online world.
  • Develop the skills of your players.

3. Candy Crush Saga

It is a good puzzle game with a social element, where you will have to connect different colored candies by linking them like chains to make them disappear, while also ranking up through at least 200 levels that you find along the way on your sugared adventure. The game is sure to be loved by little ones who will enjoy watching the colored graphics and simple movements on your screen as well as by adults, who will find the real challenge that goes way beyond just linking up the right candies. Features of this game:-
  • The targeted score, timed levels, drop-down mode, and order mode have been provided.
  • Collect the sugar drops to progress along the sugar track for exciting super sweet surprises.
  • Spin the daily booster wheels for the sweet prize.

2. Clash of Clans

It is an online strategy game where the players need to upgrade their defenses and walls to make their village stronger so that the enemies won’t be able to raid your village quickly. Every upgrade of defenses like cannons, Archer towers, mortars, Air defense, etc. are made of gold, and every upgrade related to the troops is made by Elixir. We need to upgrade these to make them stronger and powerful so that we can raid other’s villages. Builders can be bought by gems which are used to improve our systems. Players need to build their clan castle first to join other clans and can battle with other tribes. As we start raiding others Village, our trophy increases and we reach in the higher league as a promotion which offers more bonuses.

 Features of this game:-

  • Build the community in any structure as per the will to make it unbeatable.
  • Raise the army troops and upgrade their levels to make them stronger.
  • Achieve 1250 trophies to get 450 gems.

1. Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia

Well talking about this game, it is becoming the favorite among most of the other popular Android games and the number of the user is increasing day by day. Even I have played this game, and I love playing this awesome Android game. You can play this game Either in multiplayer mode or single-player mode. The great thing about this game is that you can beat your friends and can become a complete fighter.

 Some features of this game:-

  • This game is not that heavy and is only 42 MB.
  • It can be played with friends simultaneously in a multi-player mode using a portable hotspot, or you can enjoy this game with other random players with an active internet connection.
  • As this game offers a multiplayer mode, it is fascinating to play with friends and other random players.
  • Less consumption of mobile data while playing online.
So, guys what are you waiting for, grab these free games from play store and enjoy playing these games and share your thoughts on these games by commenting below.
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