Vivo Apex is a total stunner with no button & no ports

Hey! You there. Yes, you! Picture a phone with no openings or ports whatsoever. That means no charging or earphone ports, no microphone or speaker holes or anything of the like. Sounds like a fun concept, right?

This idea might just have been transformed into an actual smartphone, and it’s Vivo that’s doing it. In a recent media launch, Vivo has released concept-designs for this ideal seamless beauty of a Vivo Apex.

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What this ‘concept design’ hocus pocus means is that the device isn’t finished yet and all the designs are prone to change in the public release of the phone (if there is one, that is). A single look into this design shows us that aesthetics and neatness might have been the main focus for this phone. The undisclosed dual-camera setup on the back is on level with the rest of the body to avoid any bumps in the design. The screen-to-body ratio is pretty outstanding as well, even replacing the front camera completely. Yes, you heard that right: no front cameras at all. However, this is all bound to change in later models of the phone since this is all just a concept design.

Vivo Apex
Vivo Apex

The speakers have been entirely replaced by the screen’s “body sound casting” technology. The screen itself is capable of vibrating in such a way as to emulate a real speaker, thus eliminating any need for speaker grills. This screen-speaker is actually not that bad at all! The screen also houses a full-display fingerprint scanning technology that is announced to cover the entirety of the screen. This extended scanner can now scan fingerprints from all over the screen, which unlocks a whole new set of possibilities.

Not a lot is known about the specs about this device. However, it will definitely be the first of Vivo’s line of smartphones to sport 5G connectivity. Qualcomm’s X50 5G modem makes this possible and the new “stacking technique” helps make accommodating space for the modem without compromising on the overall design or functionality of the phone. Furthermore, it comes with a powerful Snapdragon 855 processor and a massive 256GB storage. And who doesn’t like being a bit of a showoff, so let’s just add 12 solid gigs of RAM onto that. Also, there are no charging ports (obviously). So, the magnetic connector at the rear of the body takes care of charging. This technology could also lend a hand in other features of the phone such as data transfer or charge sharing.

All in all, the Vivo Apex is a pretty sweet concept and, if refined, has real potential to make it as a flagship. Vivo’s ingenious engineering is really something to give hats out to though, so let’s just hope that the end design is something that we can all appreciate. The final design will be released a month away from now on the Mobile World Congress. So let’s just keep our fingers crossed until then.

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