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If someone asked you “what is mobile photography?” Then you would give the same answer that other people gave about the photography. Photography is an art, science and practice when images are recorded and converted into the photograph. Photography is the medium of seeing the world around us and learning few photography tips can help. Photography provides us with the ability to capture and share a high-quality photo with the camera that we carry with us every day in our lives. 

We use various devices to capture photos like digital camera, DSLR camera and mobile camera. Digital camera and DSLR camera can produce good quality images because they have the different mode or set to play with, but the mobile camera has very few setting or mode to play with due to this people cannot produce quality or attractive images and learning few basic photography tips can help you to capture some amazing moments. 
In this article, I am going to share some photography tips and tricks to produce quality photograph through a mobile camera.

Photography tips and tricks

  • Clean the lens

Mobile is the device that spent a lot of time inside our pocket, bag and hand due to this the lens of the camera can attract dust, fingerprint and even get moist due to our sweat because of moist it can produce bad quality images. When a lens is dirty it will block the light from entering the sensor and produce unclear images. So, before clicking photo we always have to clean the lens with a soft cloth for sharp images.
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  • Set the focus

Focusing is the most important thing for photography and is highly recommended photography tips. While taking a photo, we have to lock the subject inside the frame to get a sharp photo. To focus the subject, we just have to tap the screen for focus after that we have to press the shutter button.

  • Adjust Exposure Manually

Photography depends on exposure provided to the images. Exposure can be adjusted by swiping up and down. We can increase exposer level by swiping up and decrease exposer level by swiping it down. Manual exposure plays a great role in the final image.

  • Don’t use the zoom: 

The smartphone offers a zoom function which can be accessed by pinching the screen which brings subject closer. But the flaws are that camera has digital zoom, not an optical zoom. When we do digital zoom, the image is cropped and the quality gets a loss. If you want to get far object image don’t use a zoom instead of that walk closer to that object and take image clear image.

  • Keep your camera stable

Keeping the phone still and stable is very important especially in a low light situation. When phone takes a photo in low light it uses slow shutter speed so that light can pass light and hit the sensor so if we shake or do any movement in this condition the camera will produce a blurred image. So, if you want to get rid of this problem you have to use a hard surface to rest the phone or use a tripod. Note: while using a tripod you can use earphone as remote shutter release without touch phone shutter this can also help to reduce shake.

  • Composition

Composition plays a very important role in photography. Composition adds lives to photo, without balancing composition the photo which is taken looks gloomy and not eye-catchy. Here I am going to talk about two mostly use composition in photography they are Rule of Third and Leading lines. 

    • Rule of Third
                  Rule of the third is mostly used composition in photography, this rule is used by the highly qualified photographer. By applying this rule, we can produce more engaging and better balance images. Rule of third divide images into two horizontal and two verticals line. So, we can position our subject to the intersection of two lines to produce eye-catching images. The reason behind using this rule is to off-centre the subject to produce an interesting shot. 
    • Leading lines

                  The leading lines are next important composition that should be followed while taking images. With the help of leading lines, we can help viewers to focus on the main object and lead deeper into the images. This technique involves vertical, horizontal and covering line to focus attention on the main image. 


The above photography tips are just a tip of an iceberg, there are many ways of getting a good and meaningful photograph. And the best photography tips is playing more with your smartphone camera settings and learn to utilize the surroundings which can only be learned through experience   

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