AI Expo Nepal 2019: Biggest Expo on Artificial Intelligence


AI Expo Nepal 2019, Nepal’s first and biggest AI exhibition, is just around the corner folks. Fuse Machines, a leading name in the AI services and innovation business, has partnered with AID (Artificial Intelligence of Development) to organize AI Expo on the 24th of August this year.

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The event is going to be held at Soaltee Crowne Plaza. This one-day event will feature hands-on training in the field of Artificial Intelligence. It will also include mentorship from experts, product showcases, and much more.

The CEO of Fusemachines, Sameer Maskey has quoted that one of the primary purposes of this event is to encourage students and interested participants to understand what AI really is and to help create a platform for aspiring individuals or companies to build AI-powered prototypes. Furthermore, he emphasizes that this event will help participants learn and understand AI and its contemporary advancements and usages. Not only this, the event will promote collaborations with fellow students, AI experts, professionals, and domain experts alike to build some viable technological prototypes during the exhibition

To visit the expo, you’ll have to fill up a quick form providing some basic details. This includes your:

  • Full name
  • Name of academic institute/ organization
  • E-mail address
  • Contact number
  • Age group

However, for participants, the deadline for application forms has already passed. You can view the important dates of events here.

For those interested in the field of artificial intelligence, attending this event will certainly be a great use of your time. Even for those without a good grasp of AI, this is going to be a great learning experience.

For more details, visit the official AI Expo Nepal 2019 website here.

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