Best English Learning App “Hello English: Learn English”


English has become part of our daily life. As English is a Universal Language, it has become a must to learn. In each and every field the English language is very important. Many people in this world are unknown to English and are lagging behind in this competitive world. Each country has its own language so most of the people are unknown to English language and can’t compete with other people. To solve this huge problem, CULTURE ALLEY has introduced an awesome App well known as, “HELLO ENGLISH: LEARN ENGLISH “.

English Learning App
English Learning App

This app has simplified the English language learning process. This app has a simple User Interface and features a lot more functions. This app helps its users to learn the English language as well as English grammar. Learning English has never been so easy with this app. You can learn English from 21 different languages, this app Helps most people from different countries to learn English from their native language. This app is 100% free with 200K + reviews and is rated 4.5 and has a total of 15 million worldwide users. You can learn English from Nepali, Hindi, Chinese, Portuguese, Urdu, Bengali, Telugu, Punjabi, Kannada, Gujarati, Assamese, Turkish, Indonesian, Oriya, Arabic, Tamil, Malay, Marathi, Malayalam.

English Learning App
English Learning App

This app has been rated as a NO.1 educational app which has helped Many users to achieve their dreams.

Some of the impressive features of this app are:

  •  All the lessons offered in this app Are ABSOLUTELY free and it offers a total of 425 Interactive classes.
  • Learning English with this app is really fun. This app features a lot of Reading games, writing games, listening games, and Speaking games with immediate results and Tips.
  • Ask any questions on grammar and translations and chat with TEACHERS
  • Practice with the Daily News, learn new words, pronunciation, and vocabulary, and Stay Ahead in any Competition.
  • Practice with interesting Conversational game, speak with the app and improve your Spoken English Skills
  • Learn with the help of a dictionary, Find pronunciation for many words.
So, what are you waiting for? If you really want to learn English or want to improve your reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills, then try this free app and stay ahead in every competition. Try this free app Now and Speak English Fluently with full Confidence.
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