Bolt Launches Its Affordable Ride-Hailing Services in Nepal

Bolt Ride Hailing Service Nepal

Bolt Ride Hailing Service Nepal

Bolt has launched a ride-hailing service in Nepal, and for the next six months, drivers will not be charged any commission. Bolt also promises to offer service fees 15% lower than its competitors.

About Bolt:

Bolt is a European mobility company that was founded in 2013 and offers various services, including ride-hailing, e-bike and scooter rental, food delivery, grocery delivery, and short-term car rental. The company operates in over 45 countries and 500 cities across Europe and Africa, with over 100 million customers. Bolt has recently launched its ride-hailing service in Nepal, promising the lowest commissions for drivers and the lowest ride prices for customers.

Bolt Ride Hailing Service Nepal

Bolt Ride-Hailing Service launched in Kathmandu, Nepal, making it the latest ride-hailing platform to enter the Nepali market. The platform already operates in Thailand and offers a mobile application that connects customers and drivers, enabling customers to request a driver and be taken to their desired destination.

“The main objective of Bolt is to provide drivers with higher revenues per hire and ensure high demand through competitive prices. Bolt has achieved this by setting a commission that is lower than its competitors, making it attractive for drivers to join the platform.

We believe that happy drivers lead to happy customers, and therefore it has been committed to ensuring profitability and fairness towards its drivers since the beginning.”

Ireoluwa Obatoki, regional manager, Bolt

Bolt has committed to offering service fees that are 15% lower than its competitors in the market. Along with various safety measures and in-app features to protect both riders and drivers, including an SOS button and in-app calls.

Customers can download the Bolt app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and set up a user profile to request a ride. In addition to its ride-hailing service, Bolt offers other mobility solutions in Europe, including e-bike and scooter rental, food delivery, grocery delivery, and short-term car rental, which it may consider launching in Nepal in the future.

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How to become Bolt Driver?

To become a Bolt driver, individuals must have a car or motorbike and all necessary licenses required by local regulations. Drivers will earn a commission for providing the ride service through the application. Bolt has promised to offer the lowest commissions for drivers and the lowest ride prices for customers, and for the next six months, the company will not charge drivers a commission for using the platform.


The launch of Bolt’s ride-sharing service in Nepal is a noteworthy development for the industry and customers. Bolt’s reputation for providing affordable and dependable services is expected to make it a popular option for customers, and the company’s entry is anticipated to bring in much-needed competition and innovation.

Although Bolt will encounter several hurdles in establishing its presence in Nepal, its previous accomplishments in other countries demonstrate its capability. Customers can anticipate a wider selection of options and improved services, while the industry can expect more competition and innovation.

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