CellPay introduces Mero Wallet and CellPay Kart with updated UI


CellPay gets a makeover with the addition of CellPay Wallet. The Cellcom Private Limited owned franchise CellPay has become the first PSP(payment service provider) to be licensed by NRB. With this, CellPay users can now use both their bank account, and the wallet to make transactions. In order to bake in this new feature right into the CellPay app, the UI has got a retouch. Apart from the aesthetic UI changes, what else has changed? Let’s dig in.

Mero Wallet, CellPay Wallet:

This is an offer exclusive to the CellPay app users where users can participate by topping up their TV and Mobile Services, apart from the 5% cashback. For paying up ISP bills, you earn 1.5% cashback. Cashback is cool and nothing new, but CellPay has spiced things up with this offer, under which one can get 1 hr unlimited data/voice/SMS pack on NT network at Rs.11 (instead of Rs.20) and for Ncell users, 1-day unlimited Tiktok/YouTube/Fb pack Just at Rs.21 (instead of Rs.31).

CellPay Mero Wallet
CellPay Mero Wallet

One lucky customer stands a chance to win a bumper prize of Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra on wallet load. Offer starts from 13th Jestha 2078 and will be valid till 12th Asadh 2078.

The new UI:

The new UI brings all the necessary services right up at the homepage. This sure has cut down the steps to make a transaction to a minimum but at the same time makes it a little cluttered in my opinion. While the opinions on preferences of designs vary from person to person, personally, I’m not a fan of it. 

CellPay Kart:

 It seems like online shopping is really booming, as CellPay Kart does the same. It brings a host of products for you to choose from, from well within the app. While merging shopping and payment portals together is a great concept, we’re yet to see how it serves CellPay in the long run.

Mero Wallet:

The only feature that I actually was delighted to see is “Mero Wallet”. This new wallet can either function as an independent e-wallet or can be linked to a bank account. The wallet can be loaded via the linked bank account, Mobile Banking as well as Connect IPS. Which gives users a lot of flexibility.

With all that out of the way, CellPay has also thrown in some extra features like-Domestic remittance, Insurance Payment, EMI payments, Share payments, P2P, P2B, B2P, B2B, and more other than the basic features like making payments for Telecom Services, Electricity, T.V., Internet Payments, Restaurants, and Fund Transfer. You can get the CellPay app as well as a web application and it is available on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. In times like these, digital transactions are definitely the way to break the chain.

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