CG launches budget friendly VR “CG VR Shinecon” in Nepal

CG VR Shinecon
CG VR Shinecon

Virtual Reality(VR)
 a most trending term that everyone must have come across and most of you might have already experienced the Virtual Reality using VR headset and smartphone. CG VR Shinecon headset provides the great experience that most of us could probably never experience in real life.
CG VR Shinecon
CG VR Shinecon
Many well-known brands for Virtual Reality like Oculus, HTC, Sony and much more are providing VR headsets with unique features but the VR headset costs a huge money which most of us can’t afford to buy. In Nepal, we can see many VR headsets in affordable price range but most of the VR headset which we find in the market are from the brands which we have never heard but CG a brand which every Nepali recognises has recently launched budget friendly VR headset under the name “CG VR Shinecon”. CG VR Shinecon is available in two different variants one with a remote and one without a remote. The one with a remote comes with a price tag of Rs 2,199 and the VR without a remote comes with a price tag of Rs 1,499.
CG VR Shinecon
CG VR Shinecon
This VR headset supports smartphones from the screen sizes ranging from 3.5 inches to 6 inches which give the users lots of choices to use different smartphones and along with that, the VR supports both iOS & Android smartphones which add a plus point for the user’s benefit. Setting up this VR headset is also easy, as there is a physical dial on top to adjust the PD and FD of VR. Along with that, there is a knob on both sides to adjust the object distance and lenses.
CG VR Shinecon can be purchased from CG’s official website.
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