Covid Connect Nepal: A platform for support seekers and providers

Covid Connect Nepal
Covid Connect Nepal

With the government reporting that the country’s health system is incapable to manage as coronavirus infections proceed to take off, individuals have been left with no choice but to look for help wherever they can. After seeing the circumstance getting more regrettable and dreading  like in India, some youths have come forward aiming to assist people in need and get them associated with necessary resources. They call it Covid Connect Nepal.

What is Covid Connect Nepal?

This is a volunteer-run website which started with just eight members and in a short amount of time, volunteers have come forward to help the community and it’s getting stronger and stronger. Covid Connect Nepal is a website that serves as a platform to connect people who seek assistance to those providing them. Not only that, the team is also active on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Viber so that the help reaches out to as many people as possible, 

The UI is simple and easy to use plus the fact that it only consists of essentials makes it fairly easy even for layman’s. The landing page contains essentials for Covid-19 such as hospital beds, oxygen, emergency demands and food (it is under process and will be coming soon).

How does the website function?

If you seek any assistance, you will have to click on a tab listing your requirement such as Bed, Oxygen, Vehicle and/or Food. You’ll then have to fill in your name, age, gender, coontact, address and urgency (how critical is your condition). Once you’re done with that, your request will now show directly on the Live Dashboard. Through your credentials provided, volunteers can reach you out with the essential supplies that you seek. Since we’re facing lockdown in some of the places, this helps you to help someone in need who might not have the knowledge about whom to seek help from.

They have contacts for various hospitals and services that might come in handy for you. 

If you want to volunteer or lend your helping hands, you can join in as a volunteer by clicking on the top right corner and selecting volunteer. You’ll then be asked to fill in your contact details and you can choose the field that you’re interested in;Social Media Management, Support, Tech, Logistics and Data Collection/Verification are the fields that you can choose from.

These are tough times and it’s now when we stand up for each other. Thus the motto “हामी हाम्रै लागि” pretty much sums up the case and what we’re dealing with. Lend a helping hand or if you need help, you know where you can look for it.

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