Daraz 11.11 Sale Day | Biggest One day sale with 5 crore worth discounts

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Daraz 11.11 starting

Daraz, a prominent online market in South Asia, never ceases to astound us with an intriguing campaign and initiative. Similarly, Daraz is preparing to host its annual Biggest One-Day Sale, which will start from November 11 at 12 a.m. Yes, the biggest annual Daraz 11.11 Sale Day is happening in no time. Moreover, Daraz is organizing the Biggest One Day Sale Offer Campaign for the fourth time. Daraz 11.11 Sale Day (2021) will start at midnight from 11th November. And, the Sale Offer will continue for one day (24 hours). In addition, customers have perceived Daraz 11.11 as one of the major campaigns. Furthermore, Daraz 11.11 Sale Day, the biggest one-day sale, will be offering 5-crores worth of discounts on 11 lakhs products. Along with that, customers will also have the opportunity to save money on their purchases and participate in numerous challenges.

As usual, Daraz has a plethora of entertaining things in store for its customers. Customers can participate in interactive activities, receive coupons, free delivery, bank card discounts, and more as part of the Daraz 11.11 sale offer. Let’s take a closer look at Daraz’s 11.11 Biggest One-Day Sale.

Deals on Daraz 11.11 Sale

Daraz campaigns and events are about more than just selling items. They also put great emphasis on consumer interaction. As a result, they constantly come up with new deals and engaging activities to keep people interested. Similarly, they have several intriguing deals and offers this time, including game shows, discounts and promotions, hot pick, exclusive and mega deals, giveaways, bank discounts, and more. Let us look into details about what Daraz 11.11 has in store for its consumers on November 11th.

Mega Giveaway

Previously, Daraz has only ever offered one major giveaway. This time, though, Daraz is giving away 11 TVS Raider motorcycles in a MEGA GIVEAWAY. The Mega Giveaway is a new addition to Daraz 11.11 Sale. Therefore, this is a unique experience for Daraz as well. As for you to be a part of the Mega Giveaway, you need to shop on Daraz during the 11.11 campaign. After that, 11 lucky Daraz users will get an opportunity to win the Mega Giveaway.

One-Rupee Game

Daraz 11.11 starting
Daraz 11.11 starting

The one-rupee game is back again, as it always does. Customers can win a variety of things for as little as Re.1. Similarly, customers who pay Re.1 through card, Esewa, or IME Pay will get a chance to win their choice of products only at Re.1. However, customers will get back their Re.1, if they do not win.

What is the One Rupee Game and How to Play it?

One Rupee Game is a type of game in which you pay Rs.1 in advance for a product and then win it for just one rupee. Customers can participate in the one-rupee game by following these instructions:

  • Step 1: Open the Daraz app and select the 11.11 icon or text from the menu.
  • Step 2: Select One Rupee Game from the 11.11 page.
  • Step 3: Select the product you want to buy.
  • Step 4: Add the item to your shopping cart.
  • Step 5: Click on Checkout and then Proceed to Payment.
  • Step 6: Choose a payment option, such as a debit/credit card, Esewa, or your IME pay account.
  • Step 7: Enter your One-Time Password (OTP) and click Submit.
  • You have made a successful payment.

Add to Cart & Win

Daraz 11.11 starting
Daraz 11.11 starting

Customers can win Rs. 500 worth Daraz vouchers every day by simply adding their favorite products to their cart. It’s that easy: 

  • Add the items to your cart.
  • After that, you’ll enter to win Rs. 500 worth of Daraz vouchers every day.

Mega Deals

Daraz 11.11 starting
Daraz 11.11 starting

As part of the Biggest One-day sale, Daraz will offer a 5-crore discount on 11 lakh products on 11.11. Furthermore, customers can save up to 60% on products from a wide range of products, including Fashion, Electronics, Home Appliances, Automobiles, Musical Instruments, and more. Customers can also order things from India directly through Daraz’s Global Collection. In addition, customers can order products from four famous Indian businesses on 11.11 sale: Janasya, Misha Fashion, Ustra, and Wiresto. During the campaign, exclusive partners TVS, Coca-Cola, and Sunsilk will provide special discounts on all of their products. 

Similarly, the first-ever unveiling of the new Realme GT Neo 2 5G will be through this campaign.

Bank Discounts

Customers who shop during 11.11 will be able to save up to 15% (max Rs. 3000) via Debit Card and 15% (max Rs. 3500) via Credit Card on bank card prepayment discounts. The discounts are available to customers of Nabil Bank, Sanima Bank, Global IME Bank, NMB Bank, Machhapuchchhre Bank, Kumari Bank, Nepal SBI Bank, Bank of Kathmandu, Mega Bank, NCC Bank, NIC Asia Bank, Himalayan Bank, Everest Bank, Citizens Bank, and Shangri-La Bank.

At the same time, the customers of NIC Asia Bank, Sunrise Bank, Citizens Bank, Sanima Bank, NMB Bank, and Machhapuchchhre Bank can also use their credit cards to take advantage of 0% interest Easy Monthly Installment plans (EMI). Customers can also expect special savings when purchasing with their eSewa and IME Pay wallets throughout the campaigns for limited hours.

Brand Partners

Daraz has collaborated with different leading brands. Thus, Daraz 11.11 campaign will feature top national and worldwide leading brands that offer the best deals on all their items. Samsung, Philips, New Balance, and Rohto are among the campaign’s diamond partners. Meanwhile, Realme, Apple, CG digital, Lotto, Erke, and Marmot are Platinum partners. Meanwhile, Panasonic, Juas, Masala Beads, Aamayra Fashion House, Converse, Titan, Goldstar, KTM city, Wiresto, Janasya, Mysa Fashion, and Ustra are among the gold partners. Similarly, the exclusive partners Coca-Cola and TVs will also offer special deals during Daraz 11.11 sale.


During Daraz 11.11, customers will be able to get free delivery on their orders. This deal is contingent on the seller. The consumer must transact the minimum purchase amount established by the vendor to be eligible for Free Delivery.


If you are new to Daraz, you will receive a discount of Rs. 200 on your first purchase. During 11.11, shop and save Rs. 200.

New User Recharge Gift

As a part of the New User Recharge Gift, you can get Rs 50 off on your first recharge if you’re a new user.

Review & Win

Every day 11 users will get a chance to win coupons worth Rs.200, if they post a photographic review of a product. However, they must have purchased that product on Daraz.

Follow & Win

If you are following any stores online, this is your chance to get a discount voucher on Daraz 11.11 sale. A list of the partnered store has provided Store Follower Vouchers. Therefore, any user who follows these stores will receive a follower voucher for that store.


In Power HOUR Round 1, you will get Limited Time Collectable Vouchers of Rs. 50 on purchase of any items worth Rs. 700. Meanwhile, the fifty Rupees worth vouchers ultimately mean Rs 50 discount.


At Power Hour Round 2, you will get Limited Time Collectable Vouchers. You can get Rs. 100 off on products that are worth Rs. 1111. 


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Daraz 11.11 starting

Customers can get up to a 40% discount on their favorite products. These discounts are for limited hours. Therefore, buyers are encouraged to act quickly to avoid missing out on this offer.

Daraz Gems

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Daraz 11.11 starting

Customers can accumulate Daraz Gems, a newly released reward point system. You can then exchange these gems for Discount Vouchers. Customers can collect gems by signing in to the Daraz app regularly. After logging in, you need to complete daily missions or shopping on Daraz. The Daraz app is the only place where gems features are available.

Daraz Live

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Daraz 11.11 starting

The first in-app shoppable Livestream in Nepal is Daraz Live. Similarly, customers may watch the Livestream on the Daraz app every day during the campaign. Throughout the campaign, the Livestream will highlight the best items, sellers, games, Q&A sessions with influencers and sellers, and the opportunity for customers to win collectible coupons. You can access Daraz Live through the Daraz app.

Early Bird Voucher

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Daraz 11.11 starting

Since Daraz 11.11 is the One day sale, there are a limited number of vouchers available. As a result, they run out very rapidly. Therefore, customers must act instantly to collect these vouchers.

Deals Under 999

These are some of the best deals available at the price of Rs. 999. Customers can also utilize vouchers to reduce the cost of their favorite products and obtain them at a very reasonable price.

Deals Under 1499

These are some of the top deals available under the price of Rs. 1499. Here too, customers can also utilize vouchers to cut the price of their favorite products and obtain them at a reduced cost.

Deals Under 2499

These are some of the best deals available at the price of Rs. 2499. At the same time, customers can also utilize vouchers to reduce the price of their favorite products and obtain them at a reasonable cost.

Exclusive Deals on DarazMall Products

Daraz 11.11 starting
Daraz 11.11 starting

During Daraz 11.11 offer, Daraz will feature DarazMall products. It is the best time to shop on Daraz because the prices are unmatched everywhere.

An overview of how Daraz 11.11 Sale Originated?

Although the Daraz 11.11 Sales Day is in its fourth year in Nepal, it started long ago. Initially, the campaign was launched by Alibaba Group, the parent company of Daraz, in 2009. It is known as “World’s Singles Day” or “Anti-Valentine’s Day”. It has been China’s major consumer holiday since its start. Not only that, the Biggest One-Day Sale is even surpassing Black Friday.

When will Daraz 11.11 Sale start?

Daraz 11.11, as the name suggests, will begin on November 11th. The sale will start on November 11, at midnight. Similarly, the event will continue exactly 24 hours i.e. at midnight on November 12th. Customers can take advantage of games, exclusive deals, bank discounts, early bird vouchers, mega deals, and more during this time. Furthermore, if you pay through one of the banks’ partners, you’ll be able to take advantage of a 15% prepayment discount (up to Rs. 3000). In addition, customers can choose from over 1000 local and international retailers, giving them access to a wide range of products in Nepal.

Few Deals that you might like in Daraz 11.11 Sale

Note: You can get further discounts through Daraz’s bank partners.

Final Thoughts

The Daraz 11.11 sale will be a fantastic opportunity to get branded local and international products at a reasonable price. Similarly, considering the popularity of the Daraz 11.11 sale now might be the greatest moment for you to buy anything you’ve been eyeing for a while. With so many deals and offers available, it will undoubtedly assist in saving money on every transaction. Similarly, Daraz 11.11 can’t go overlooked by shoppers with so many great discounts and deals. Therefore, mark your calendars for November 11th because Daraz 11.11 Biggest One-Day Sale is happening.

A Quick Tips: If you want to make the best out of the Daraz 11.11 Sale Day, make sure to reclaim your possession at around 12 a.m.-1 a.m. You can crack the best deals during midnight. Therefore, stay alert, stay awake, shop enormously, and save on every transaction.

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