Daraz & eSewa Partner to Power Online Payments

Daraz & eSewa Partners to Power Online Payments
Daraz & eSewa Partners to Power Online Payments

Daraz, the biggest online shopping gateway in Nepal, has finally added eSewa payment options to its list of services. Before this, they accepted payments via Visa cards, Debit or Credit cards from many Nepali banks, and Cash on Delivery (COD). However, seeing as to how online wallet services have exploded in popularity, they have also included eSewa payment as a payment option now. In this article, we look over how this integration of Daraz and eSewa can benefit users, and how you can start using it right away.

In today’s world scenario, a cashless payment option is like a boon for those that want to minimize physical contact during the pandemic as much as possible. Daraz, being the awesome company that it is, has just fulfilled what people want by joining hands with Nepal’s leading digital wallet service provider, eSewa. This new payment option is definitely a lot easier and more accessible than other online payment methods and will reduce the time spent by customers in the check-out process. In addition, using a trusted medium also relieves consumer concerns regarding digital security.

How do I transact with eSewa?

  • First, select eSewa as a payment option at the checkout. You will be directed to your eSewa account to finish your payment.
  • Login to your eSewa account using eSewa ID and your password.
  • Next, enter the One-Time Password(OTP) sent to your registered mobile number.
  • Enjoy the seamless transaction!

Does eSewa support refund policies?

It might concern people whether or not refunds are possible via this new method. To great relief, eSewa does facilitate fast refund processing completed through this new payment option. All you have to do is request a refund if you come across any issue with the sold items and they will process your request. This might be especially handy since a lack of product quality checks on online stores can make getting the product customers really want a bit of a gamble.

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While the world is still recovering from the blow of COVID-19, digital payments and e-commerce portals can act as a source of ease to all of us. Digital transactions have also gone from being a handy convenience to an absolute necessity. Facilities like these ensure that consumers can buy anything from the comfort of their homes while service providers take the necessary steps to ensure prime concern towards the health of their users.

To sum up, the new payment option will be of great benefit as before we could only complete the transactions via banking from the official banking partners of Daraz. Introducing online wallets as a payment option will definitely make the payment process easier for a larger group of people.

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