Daraz launches Jagriti Initiative to empower Women Entrepreneurs

Daraz Jagriti Initiative
Daraz Jagriti Initiative

Marking the occasion of International Women’s Day, Daraz is launching its new initiative: “Jagriti”, this year. Setting an aim to promote women entrepreneurs and sellers through Daraz’s shopping portal, Jagriti will commence from March the 8th all the way to the 16th.

If you live under a rock and aren’t familiar with Daraz, this beloved online shopping platform has never been one to shy away from a good campaign or initiative. This time too, to mark the occasion of Women’s Day, the “Jagriti” initiative has set a goal of promoting the womenfolk who use Daraz to market their products. Per se, Jagriti aims to provide more visibility of their products to thousands of its online customers.

What’s more, Daraz has also promised a 10% contribution of the proceeds raised from the “Jagriti” initiative to a women-based NGO named Women Act. Talk about supporting empowerment!

Jagriti will feature exclusive discounts and offers on Women’s Fashion, Accessories, Health and Beauty, Lifestyle products and much more. So if you’re searching for a chance to show your appreciation to someone on Women’s day, don’t hold up. This is a perfect chance! And if you’re looking to celebrate Women’s day yourself, don’t hold back either. You deserve to spoil yourself a little 😉

The official banking partner for this event, Sunrise Bank, has decided to lend a hand as well. With a further exclusive discount of 15% or up to Rs. 1500, paying online with the help of a Sunrise’s Bank credit/debit card can help snip off some amount from your bill. And speaking of discounts, you can get Rs 150, Rs 250 or Rs 350 off your final purchase by using these Jagriti vouchers too.

Final thoughts on “Jagriti”

Well, one thing is for sure: campaigns like these are a pretty darn effective way to help women entrepreneurs who are looking to break into online marketplaces to sell their products. A lot of people flock towards the online marketplace model, especially aspiring women entrepreneurs. It’s no far stretch to say that easy registration and free of cost onboarding training from these types of initiatives have empowered women, entrepreneurs, to start their own businesses without having to rely on others.

Daraz has also been documenting many stories of selected women sellers which give viewers an insight into how these women are creating jobs and empowering other women through their business. In these videos, which are available on the Daraz youtube channel, they talk about their struggles, successes and describe the role of e-commerce sites like Daraz in their success. This surely is something to give a quick look if you’re looking to try your hand in establishing online businesses yourself.

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