Mahabachat Bazar: Daraz Launches Week-long Sale

Daraz Mahabachat Bazar
Daraz Mahabachat Bazar

Daraz, Nepal’s leading e-commerce store, has finally announced its latest shopping campaign: the Mahabachat Bazar. Starting from July 27 to August 4 (Shrawan 12-19), this is the first major online shopping campaign officially launched after the lockdown. During this 8-day sale campaign, customers can buy anything they desire and make a good saving on the Bachat Offers, Bachat Vouchers, Free Shipping, Hot Picks, and more, which are exclusive to the Mahabachat Bazar campaign.

Daraz Mahabachat Bazar – Making shopping fun again:

Daraz has pretty much made a name for itself for promoting exciting and creatively themed shopping campaigns. Before this campaign, too, various events like the Daraz First Games, Seller Sahayatri, Jagriti Initiative, etc. have been held with reasonable success.

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Hot Picks, Exclusive “Bachat” vouchers and more:

The Mahabachat Bazar event introduces different segments of “Hot Picks” for the day, which are eligible for discounted Bachat offers. With Bachat Vouchers for added discount, and free shipping to top things off, this event is certainly any online shopper’s dream come true.

Incentivizing online payments with HUGE discounts:

On top of these already cut prices, customers can get another extra 20% (up to Rs. 1000) off if they choose eSewa as their mode of payment. Up to 15% (up to Rs. 2000) is offered for debit/ credit card prepayment via any one of Daraz’s partner banks (Mega Bank, Sanima Bank, Nabil Bank, Global IME, Machhapuchchhre Bank, NMB, NIC Asia, Kumari Bank, Sunrise Bank, Nepal Investment Bank)

Giveaways Galore:

Daraz has also announced a giveaway offer for its customers this time as well, and it’s a pretty splendid one at that. The giveaway items include prizes such as a Sony Action Cam, Homeglory Vacuum Cleaner, CG Air Cooler, etc.. Still, the grandest of them all is the Maha Bumper prize: a roaring Suzuki Burgman Street 125 CC. With menacing looks and a powerful engine under the hood, this is one of the best scooters in the 125CC range. You don’t want to miss this giveaway!

Top brands involved:

Many international, as well as national brands, like Suzuki, Caliber, CG, Converse, Fantech, Home Glory, Juas, LG, Lotto, Mantra, Midea, Oriflame, Palsonic, Police, Rangoli, Soapworks, Sony, Titan, Vans, Videocon, Whirlpool, etc are an active part of this sale campaign. The campaign will feature exclusive sales, mainly focusing on products from these companies.

Conclusion: The Ecommerce Boom, and what this means to Daraz

Based on previous sale data, Daraz has estimated 100,000+ customers will take part in the sale. Following the recent lockdown, eCommerce has seen quite a sudden boom in the Nepalese market scene. A whole mob of customers has been introduced to the online shopping scene, and this customer-base is only getting larger by the day as more and more Nepali people are shifting to online shopping.

“Shopping, after recent world events, has changed forever.”, says Lino Ahlering, the Managing Director for Daraz Nepal. “Through this campaign, we want to bring the fun back into shopping. We’re not only offering convenience and ease but also on the side entertainment  via exclusive FB live videos, Online Games, Social Media Contests, and so on.”

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