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Daraz is back with another splendid offer (Daraz Mobile Week), tech fanatics, and this time it provides some awesome prices on some of the hottest smartphones on the market!

Daraz has time and again put tasty deals on the table for its loyal customers and has gained a positive reputation for over the long run. Be it an end-of-the-year sale, festival offer, or any other special occasion, Daraz’s offers are often the most hyped in the world of Nepali e-shopping. With its lax prices, occasional offers, and ease of use, one thing is for sure: it has definitely etched itself in a corner of our hearts when it comes to shopping online.

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Daraz Mobile Week 2019:

As mentioned above, the focus of this particular upcoming event is on Mobile phones. Commencing from 24th to 30th of June 2019, this sale brings some of the top smartphone brands like Xiaomi, Huawei, Samsung, Alcatel, Oppo, Vivo, Lenovo, Panasonic, Realme, and many others at discounted prices. Some of the phones will come heavily discounted whereas some may come at a modest discount at most. However, one thing is certain that new ‘Mega Deals’ will open up on new products every day. This makes sure that you are sure to get a good price on the smartphone brand of your choice.

What’s more, you can get good offers on other international products throughout the week too.

Along with the awesome price drop, the event also hands out vouchers to the shoppers. The voucher can be used to get additional discounts on items. Reportedly, the collectible vouchers offer pretty massive discounts on items. The special ‘Crazy’ vouchers (available only on 24th June) up the game with even heavier discounts, according to Daraz. Furthermore, there will also be an interesting giveaway event featuring an iPhone XR. Only the users who buy the mega-deal items will be eligible for the giveaway, though.

As if that wasn’t enough, Daraz has collaborated with companies like WK Nepal, Fantech Nepal, REMAX Nepal, and Vidvie, and made special mystery boxes available for purchase. The boxes are available for purchase on the 21st of June and will come packed with mystery products from the vendor. Unpacking mystery boxes are definitely a fun experience and you should definitely try one if you are a fan of the vendors selling the boxes.

If you’re in a budget, you’ll be fascinated to know that you can use your bank cards to get special exclusive discounts. The offer ranges up to a solid 25% off on items, which is pretty awesome. So, if you’re putting off on using your bank cards until now for shopping online, this would be a perfect time to start.

What?! Exclusive launches too?

Daraz has remained secretive about its exclusive launches. However, it’s pretty safe to guess from Daraz’s statements that there will be some products that launch exclusively for this event. Daraz officials have subtly pointed out launches of some ‘much-awaited smartphones’ and wearables, which is pretty cool too. However, only time will tell.

If you’re on the lookout for a new phone or phone accessories, this will be a literal discount-heaven for you. Although Daraz and other platforms do host offers like this many times, its’ pretty certain that something of this scale won’t be happening any time soon. So, buckle up and enjoy the delicious offers. Shop your hearts out!

For more details, visit Daraz’s website here.

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