Daraz’s Appy Campaign adds fun to the mobile shopping process

Daraz Appy Campaign
Daraz Appy Campaign

With online stores increasingly hiking in popularity, a lot of services have popped up in Nepal recently. Opening up their loving arms to fulfill the needs of their customers, there seems to be a local online shop for every niche nowadays. Need some fresh milk ASAP? Click a button, add to cart. Check. Need to send some Nepali artifacts to someone living abroad? Checked too. Want some fresh veggies to brighten up dinner but too lazy to visit the market? Check again. Too lazy to even cook and want some mouth-watering ready-made goodness at your doorstep? Check, Check, Check all the way! But as a general marketplace for all sorts of items, there is one that has been especially basking in the spotlight, and that’s Daraz. And it isn’t one of the select few to stay in the spotlight for no good reason either. Bringing in numerous products exclusively to its customers and throwing offers, deals, and discounts at almost every possible occasion have pretty much been a norm for this dearly held e-shopping platform.

And Daraz’s latest Appy Shopping Campaign is a perfect example of this. With a motive to make shopping on the Daraz App more fun, the Appy shopping campaign 2020 has been announced. Commencing from February 25 to March 2, this week-long shopping campaign focuses on delivering a unique and interactive shopping experience through the Daraz App.

Well, how exactly will they actually do this though, you ask?

Daraz’s Appy Campaign: Features and offers

For starters, the In-App Game Zone will offer app users a chance to play exciting games and win amazing gift hampers. Other fun games like the “One Rupee Game” and their “Mission Game”, will offer big prizes to its lucky winners. The “Shake Shake Game” has an interesting name and an interesting theme. It will help users get discounts just by shaking their smartphones with the Daraz App open.

And that’s just where the fun begins.

The Crazy-Flash Sale will be held at specific timings offering huge discounts to app users such as clothing, cameras, phones, electronics, beauty products and more. “Mega Deals” are also available that offer up to 60% off in select products. What’s more, users can also snip off more from their bill, and Daraz’s Crazy Vouchers offer just that. And did we mention the campaign will also offer Free Delivery? Yes, that’s happening too! There’s also even more Free Gifts and Bundle Offers bundled along on select products!

If you’ve never messed around with using debit/credit cards to pay online, this next offer might just push you to take the leap. You can pay with one of Daraz’s banking partners: Nabil Bank, Siddhartha Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and NIC ASIA Bank. As such, users can enjoy even more discounts off their final bill. The discounts will be specific to the banks. And they will also be offered on specific days throughout the week, which is interesting.

“This is the first of many campaigns we want to run through 2020”, boasts the Daraz Managing Director, Lino Ahlering. “Through this campaign, we want our customers to be more interactive on the App, thus we are providing them with unique and entertaining features to enhance their app experiences while they shop on Daraz.” Whether they meet their expectations or exceed it will be seen soon enough. As for us customers, we can sit back and enjoy Daraz’s Appy campaign offer by just downloading and using the Daraz App in this time frame.

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