Facebook introduced a new feature Facebook Neighborhood

Facebook Neighborhood
Facebook Neighborhood

Facebook has started testing a new space within the Facebook app itself and they’re calling it Facebook Neighborhood. It is a dedicated space baked right into the Facebook app itself that lets you connect with well you guessed it right, “neighbors”.

Why Facebook Neighborhoods?

Facebook has always been a medium for people to communicate regardless of distance. And Facebook Neighborhoods, it’s Facebook’s way of giving back to society by making us connect to the people that reside in one particular locality. This not only helps people get along offline with people of similar fields of interests or professions, as these connections are crucial for our social life as well.

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How does it work?

Facebook Neighborhoods will be a subsection on your Facebook app and it will have a different profile than your Facebook profile. Firstly, in order to join, you’ll have to be 18 years or older, and once you’ve confirmed that, you can select which neighborhood you belong to and whether you want to connect to just your own neighborhood or other nearby neighborhoods as well.

What does the profile look like?

Once you are done creating your Neighborhoods profile and selected the neighborhood, you can fill in further details about yourself. These details include your interests, favorites, and a bio that aptly describes you. Once done, you can write a post to introduce yourself to people of your neighborhood and partake in discussions with fellow neighbors.

What other benefits do you get?

There are quite a few but the major benefits that it packs are that you can engage with local groups and discover new places and get local recommendations (if you’re new to the locality, this should really help) and lastly it ensures social moderation and safety by connecting people sharing a particular geo-location in common.


This feature is currently exclusive to Canada and will soon be available for select cities in the US. We can’t help but wait till we get an update.

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