Top 3 Gadget Gift Ideas To Show Your Love This Father’s Day

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Fathers Day Gifts

Father’s day is rolling in, and if you’re one of the 54% of people (source: Bizjournals) that “prefer” to buy their gifts last minute, you’re probably still empty-handed and fishing around for gift ideas. Let’s face it – biscuit packs, chocolate boxes, ties, watches, memento showpieces… these ideas get real stale real fast. What’s more, with the pandemic wreaking havoc outside your windows, you can’t just go to a store to search for a good gift either. You need good gift ideas, and luckily for you, we here at TechnoSanta are always here every time you need to pick a santa-stic gift ideas for any occasion.

Of course, the best gift you can give your dad is always your love, but in this article we dive over 3 of our top picks for gadget gifts ideas to show your love this Father’s Day.

3. Smart Bands:

Smart bands and smartwatches are rising in popularity and within the last few years, they have been made highly accessible to everyone. What was once a niche fitness device (like Fitbit), has now become an international trend. Analog and old digital watches are falling down in popularity as the smartwatch market is expanding rapidly. With a fully customizable digital watch your can personalize to your liking, and the ability to control many features of your phone remotely from your wrist, there is very little not to like about this little wrist-wrap. Smart bands are a great addition to anyone’s accessory collection.

Smart bands are a great gift for anyone and everyone. But with features like heart rate sensors, blood pressure sensors and VO2(Oxygen level), sleep quality, etc, this might be a great gift idea for those who struggle with problems like high blood pressure, asthma, sleep disorders, etc. Fitness enthusiasts can make use of this too, as most smart bands also have built-in activity monitors, step counters, etc.

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What’s better is that you won’t have to kill your wallet in the process. Most smart bands available in the market right now are great value for price products. You can find a great smart band or watch that checks all your needs in any price range. Apple Watches, Mi and Redmi Bands, Oppo bands, etc are all great products with a decent build and good battery life.

Read some of our reviews on the top smart bands in the Nepali market below if you’re having trouble choosing:

2. Audio accessory related gift ideas:

Music is something that unites the generation-gap. No matter which era you belong from, there are definitely some tunes that are close to your heart, be it a classic Kutumba instrumental song or a 1990s rock n’ roll banger; the latest EDM-pop hit or a soul-surfing Tool track.

As such, a good sounding headset or home stereo setup might just be the thing you need to get in touch with your musical self.

Talking about audio accessories, there are a few choices that you will need to make. Do you want a comfy set of compact earbuds, a headphone or a stereo sound set? In the earbuds section, there are a great number of choices, like the Apple AirPods, Redmi AirDots, Redmi earbuds S, etc. You can read our in-detail reviews on some of them below:

In the headphones section, you’ll find many good choices at any price range all the way from 2-3k to 50-60k. Find one that sounds good for the genre of music that you or the person you’re gifting it to listens to the most. Pop music sounds better in devices that accentuate vocals. Trap music, altern rock, etc sounds best with a slight bass boost. Look up some headphone brands and their reviews. Find one that fits your musical taste and wallet size.

One thing to point out though – we definitely don’t recommend going the generic Chinese brand route though. Fake JBLs, Skullcandy’s, Beats, etc are everywhere in the market. The same goes for all other unnamed/lesser-known Chinese headsets (yes, I’m looking at you… “JVL” and “Bets”). Most of these sound absolutely horrible and are built very poorly. What’s more, most of them are eq-ed(sound-equalized) very poorly and don’t comply with health standards. You could actually hurt your ears causing permanent damage if you use these products for a long enough time. You’re better off investing a bit more cash into a good pair of headphones that not only sound very good but also last a while (and not stop working on one side after a month of use).

At last, we have speakers and multi-speaker sound systems. Sound systems are on the more expensive side of the fence. You could go with a generic two-pair set of speakers or with a full-blown 6+ piece Dolby Experience setup. It’s worthy to spend some time looking up reviews, and actually listening to them in action before buying them since they can be a big investment.

1. Smartphones:

Ah yes, a classic smartphone gift! No gift idea is incomplete without a mention of smartphones, and that is for a very good reason.

Smartphones are a great gift to show your appreciation to your loved ones. For fellas’ sticking with old buttoned feature phones this might be a great way to introduce technology into daily lives. What’s more, you can also group together with your siblings to gather money for one collective mega-gift too!

And phones don’t have to be a very expensive gift either. You can find great models at any price range from under NRs 5k all the way to 2Lakh+ (if you’re really shooting for the moon!). There are literally a plethora of options to choose from: Samsung, Apple, Xiaomi, Oppo, Huawei, and on and on. For a detailed price list of all major smartphone brands, click the links below.

Some of our top new pics this season are the iPhone SE 2020, Redmi Note 9 series, Mi Note 10/ Lite, Infinix NOTE 7, etc among many others. Just pick a price range you’re comfortable with and search for the device that best suits you.

So what do you think of the gift ideas we shared above? Share your thoughts on the comment section below

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