Google announces Entertainment Space for Android tablets

Google Entertainment Space
Google Entertainment Space

Entertainment Space; Savior of the Doomed?

As smartphones started getting bigger and better, they overtook they foreshadowed Tablet sales by a significant margin. So much so that there weren’t as many options available in terms of Android Tablets for a long time. All thanks to lockdown, we noticed a boom in sales of the Android tablets as a bigger screen is convenient to consume media and helps with online classes and more.  According to International Data Corporation, despite all the sales and efforts, Apple’s iPads are still leading the tablet segment in the first quarter of 2021. To breathe life into Android tablets, Google has launched an Entertainment Space, particularly for tablets.

What is Entertainment Space?

Entertainment Space acts as a hub that houses your videos, books, and games together, much like Google TV or most Android TVs in general. This hub lets you discover videos, games, and books that were meant to be viewed on a bigger screen. Not just that, this will also let you resume a movie that you might have been watching, a book of your choice, or hop back into a game you left mid-way right from the interface and transition between them seamlessly. 

The standout feature for the Entertainment space is the support for ‘instant play,’ which lets you preview books for free (similar to shopping from Google Books), and the fact that this will ease out the trouble of downloading every single thing seems great.

Who is this for?

As Android tablets have become a bedside media/game console anyway, this sure gives them a new life by giving them apps and features that are truly meant for them.

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When can we expect it?

For that, you’ll have to wait a little more. This feature, as of now, will be exclusive to Onn-branded tablets from Walmart. Following up, the software support will be Lenovo, Sharp, and trickling down eventually to others later on this year.

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