Hidden android codes that you should definitely try out

Android Hidden Codes
Android Hidden Codes

Did you know there are special codes that unlock hidden features on your Android device? Well, now you do!

Just dial in the numbers on your Num-pad and see the magic unfold before your eyes. To get you started, here are some of our top picks for Android hidden codes:

1. IMEI number:

Your device’s IMEI number can help you retrive your phone when it’s lost. It’s also pretty useful for remote formatting and customer support, just in case your phone starts acting real weird. As such, knowing your IMEI is absolutely vital.

Before you start digging through your trash searching for your phone’s packaging, here’s a simpler way to do it with the help of hidden codes:


After dialing up and calling on this number, you should get a pop-up with your device’s IMEI on it. Make sure to write it down somewhere you won’t lose it though.

2. Info menu

With your info menu, you can test out your device’s cameras, speakers, screen display and much more. To access this menu, dial this number in:


For those stubborn phones that refuse to show the info menu with this code, the following might come in handy:


3. Display information about Phone, Battery, and Usage statistics

Well, you could always just look up your device’s settings for information about your phone. However, this one is a cool way to show off your tech skills to those who aren’t blessed with the knowledge of hidden codes. The usage statistics also come pretty handy if you’re worried about how long you’re on your phone daily.


4. Camera Info:

This nifty little trick displays your camera information. This includes your front and rear cameras, flash status etc. It can also be used for troubleshooting camera problems incase you want to click some dog-face selfies and your camera just won’t let you!


5. Battery Status:

Of course, you can check your battery levels on the top of your screen, but what’s the fun in that? Well, of course, that’s the way normal people do it, but what if you wanted more details about your hard-working battery?


This menu pops up details about your battery levels, voltage(just in case you’re extra curious), battery level blocks and a lot more.

6. Quick test menu:

Parts of your device not functioning as it should be, but you’re unsure whether they’re actually broken? Worry not, just do a quick test for them!


This one’s very similar to the Info menu we mentioned in #2, but a lot quicker to sort through.

7. Backup all media:

Short and sweet: this one makes sure you don’t have to part ways with all the media on your phone. It backs it all up automatically.


8. (Bonus) Complete wipedown:

Here’s a bonus for all of you that made your way to the bottom. Be careful though, this one comes with a ‘Caution’ sign!

This nasty little code wipes down the entireity of your device’s storage. It also reinstalls the phone’s firmware.


In case you just want a normal factory reset, here’s another code that might suit your needs better:


Again, be careful. Factory resetting deletes the application data and applications too, so backup all and everything that’s precious to you.

Well, here they are. Some quick hidden codes to make your life easier. The codes might not work on all devices equally well. There might be different codes depending on your phone’s manufacturer, however these are the ones that are common on most Android phones. There are tons of other codes, just a google search away.

Did these codes help you? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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