Windows 10 21H2 Update Released | Will this be the last?

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Windows 10 21H2

Microsoft is releasing Windows 10’s November 2021 updates. It indicates that Microsoft will continue to provide yearly feature updates for Windows 10. 

In October 2021, Microsoft announced the release of Windows 11. It left us with several questions, such as whether we need to buy new laptops or whether Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10. However, Microsoft has stated that Windows 11 will not be compatible with all PCs immediately. As a result, we will have to wait until the middle of 2022 to install it. At the same time, they make it clear that Microsoft will keep supporting Windows 10 till 2025. And, the Windows 10’s November 2021 updates, known as Windows 10 21H2, make it clear that Microsoft will continue to provide Windows 10 feature updates. So, let’s take a look at Microsoft plans for Windows 10 updates in the future.

Windows 10 Updates for the Future

Microsoft has stated that it will continue to support Windows 10 until the year 2025. Similarly, they’ve clarified their plans for Windows 10 updates in the future. According to the company, Microsoft will continue to provide Windows 10 features updates once per year. Previously, they had a twice-per-year schedule. It appears that Microsoft is attempting to align the update schedules for Windows 10 and Windows 11, which will receive prime feature updates once a year.

How does Microsoft support Windows 10 updates?

Microsoft hasn’t stated how many yearly updates it will provide for Windows 10, but it has said that it will support “at least one version” of the OS until October 2025. Because Microsoft is assuring 18 months of support for Windows 10 21H2, it’s safe to assume that we’ll see Windows 10 22H2 and 23H2 releases. As version 21H2 is also a Long-Term Servicing Channel (LTSC) update, businesses using Windows 10 Enterprise will receive update support for five years instead of 18 months.

What kind of features updates can we expect from Windows 10 21H2?

Windows 10 21H2
Windows 10 21H2

I understand that many of us aren’t ready for Windows 11 or have hardware that supports the new operating system. As a result, it’s good news that Windows 10 updates are now available. However, it’s unclear precisely what “features updates” entail for a defunct operating system. Microsoft has a history of backporting apps and APIs to older versions of Windows. They do so to increase new technology adoption and reduce developer workload. However, some features are currently only available in Windows 11, for example:

And we expect this list to grow rather than shrink.

The original pitch for “Windows-as-a-service” was, it would eliminate feature backporting and reduce fragmentation between different versions of Windows. It’s unclear how Windows-as-a-service will work when Microsoft is supporting two slightly (but increasingly) different versions of Windows simultaneously.

Final Thoughts

At the very least, I’m relieved to learn that Microsoft will continue to support Windows 10 with its yearly feature updates. The reason for this is that I’m not sure I want to upgrade to Windows 11 right away. The truth is, I haven’t checked my device’s compatibility with Windows 11 yet. In my opinion, we’re probably not ready to leave the Windows 10 operating system so soon because we’ve been using it for so long. I also believe that there have always been valid reasons to keep your old hardware on its current operating system rather than upgrading it. What are your thoughts on Microsoft’s decision to provide yearly feature updates for Windows 10? Or are you planning to skip Windows 10 21H2 update and opt for Windows 11? Please comment your thoughts on our comment section. 

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