Huawei’s AppGallery: Now with 70+ Nepali Apps

Huawei app gallery
Huawei app gallery

Okay, Huawei went through a tough time. With the US trade ban and a ton of privacy-related lawsuits, Huawei had its hands full of diplomatic difficulties. The US and a few other countries straight up banned Huawei and its sub-shoots from their main markets. Then, the KO blow came when Google basically laid off all Google Mobile Services(GMS) for Honor and Huawei smartphones. Since then, Huawei has had to survive off its own proprietary apps and the AppGallery.

While this wasn’t really a big deal for Huawei’s biggest market – China, it certainly was a deal-breaker for its international audience. New smartphone users avoided Huawei like the plague. Even in Nepal, Huawei showrooms started to gather lesser and lesser attention. And it is justified. I mean, if someone said your new smartphone wouldn’t have any of Google’s super handy tools like Maps, Google Docs, Gmail, or Chrome, would you really be much excited anymore? If someone told you the Play Store wouldn’t be around to download all your apps from, wouldn’t you think again about considering Huawei as a top choice?

The Huawei AppGallery: Now with 70+ Nepali Apps

Huawei’s AppGallery was always around. And much like the Galaxy Store in Samsung devices, it wasn’t given much thought. But the lack of PlayStore support has done much to poke Huawei’s attention to it. With the new and improved AppGallery, Huawei has certainly done much for calming app support question marks for its audience. What’s more, the 100% revenue return that Huawei offers for developers does much to encourage apps to be uploaded to the AppGallery as well.

A new perk for its Nepali audience is that it now supports 73 Nepali Apps officially on its app gallery. These include the indispensable mobile-wallet eSewa, FonePay, eKantipur, eKantipur TV, QFX, AP1 HD, Ncell app, NEA app, Nepal COVID Surveillance, and a lot more. Needless to say, this is certainly very comforting for people excited about Huawei smartphones like the new P40 series launching soon.

I can’t find my app on AppGallery, HELP!

Let’s face it, the AppGallery just can’t and won’t support certain apps. This is mostly because of Mainland China’s strict policies regarding foreign media apps. But just because you can’t find it there doesn’t mean you’re doomed. There are some other options for you folks out there:

  1. Amazon AppStore: Just because Play Store has left you for someone better doesn’t call for a post-breakup breakdown. The Amazon AppStore is relatively stable and you can download many of the popular applications directly through here.
  2. PhoneClone app: Transfer your favorite apps from another phone! This one is a bit tedious to do but hey, it will get the job done right.
  3. Download APK and manually install it from an APK repository: Android Drawer and are some good ones. Download the APK files for the apps you want and install them. It’s crucial that you use a trusty repo or else you might be welcoming viruses into your device with a loving Namaste.
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