iPhone 14 and its rumors

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iPhone 14

The major change for iPhone 14 would probably be the removal of display notch.

The iPhone’s annual refresh is one of the most significant events in technology. It’s the phone that many people aspire to buy, the phone that sets trends, and the phone that all others strive to improve. It’s only been a few months since Apple released the iPhone 13. However, rumors about the iPhone 14 are already circulating. Let’s take a closer look at these rumors to see what they have to say about the iPhone 14.

Short Overview:

According to the most recent Apple news, we’ve started gathering all the rumors about the iPhone 14. A year ahead of its planned release date in September 2022. We will be looking at the date, price, and other specifications and features here.

Design and Display

According to Jon Prosser’s Front Page Tech video, the iPhone 14 will resemble a hybrid between an iPhone 12 and an iPhone 4, with flat sides. Similarly, they might construct it with Titanium, making it stiff and solid than prior iPhones. Meanwhile, there is a chance of finding a mute button and a group of circular buttons for the volume center, reminiscent of the iPhone 4 on those borders.

In addition, there is possibility iPhone 14 is will come up with a 6.1-inch display. So there will be no more 5.4-inch minis.

Optical features

Two of the most widely circulated speculations concerning the iPhone 14’s camera arrangement are really about the phone’s design. Firstly, there is possibility of removal of the hefty camera bump. Similarly, a punch-hole front camera might take place of that the dreaded notch. 

Hardware and software

It will probably use a TSMC 4nm chip. It would be even smaller and more efficient than the iPhone 13’s 5nm A15 Bionic. If that’s the case, it’ll be the first time an iPhone has had the same-size system-on-chip for three years. 

Battery life and charging 

Following Apple’s acquisition of Intel’s modem division, it’s also possible that the iPhone 14 may include an Apple-made 5G modem. It would probably allow Apple more control over 5G performance.

Meanwhile, we expect Apple will stick with its iPhone 13 storage options, which start at 128GB and go up to 1TB for the Pro models. However, according to a recent report, the iPhone 14 would include a massive 2TB of onboard storage. 

What more it has to offer?

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iPhone 14 (Image Source : cnet )

Satellite connectivity 

Bloomberg once revealed that there will be addition of satellite connectivity in iPhones. We were expecting that features on iPhone 13-series. However, the rumor didn’t come to fruition. Therefore, we are expecting satellite connectivity in iPhone 14. If it happens, it would allow users to send text messages through satellite in locations without cellular coverage in emergency scenarios.

A16 chip

In keeping with Apple’s prior trend, the iPhone 14 is believed to include an A16 chip, which would be an upgrade over the A15 chip found in the iPhone 13.

iPhone 14 Pro could make of scratch-resistant Titanium:

According to a JPMorgan Chase investor report, the iPhone 14 Pro versions will be composed of titanium alloy and provided by Foxconn’s Hon Hai.


As for price, It’s also difficult to anticipate the cost. However, we expect the iPhone 14 will be priced similarly, to the iPhone 13, which starts at $799 for the standard iPhone 13 and $999 for the iPhone 13 Pro.

Final thoughts

We have high expectations for the iPhone, and we can raise our expectation based on what we’d like to see.

Better Option

While Apple’s A-series semiconductors have always been powerful, we’d like to see the company focus more on AI. Just like what the Google Pixel 6 will do with its Tensor chip. That way, Apple can compete with Google Assistant with a better, more responsive Siri.

Mind-Blowing camera capabilities

The iPhone 12 Pro Max has one of the exceptional cameras on the market, but we’d want to see Apple improve its camera technology and hardware. The gap between the Pro Max and phones like the Google Pixel 5 and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra isn’t huge right now. We’d like to see Apple create a camera and phone photography experience that blows away Android competitors, compelling them to further up their photography game with their next-generation phones. Additionally, catching up on the zoom front would be beneficial.

Better telephoto capabilities would also be beneficial, as the iPhone currently lags below the Samsung Galaxy S21 in this department. It would be fantastic if Apple followed in the footsteps of the Galaxy S21 Ultra and included a secondary telephoto camera with a 10x optical zoom.

Having been said that the iPhone has its obsession among people, we can only hope that it brings even more while crossing our fingers that the price does not increase.

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