iPhone SE 2020, Macbook 2020 and New iMac Pro Launched in Nepal

Iphone SE,Macbook Pro, Imac
Iphone SE,Macbook Pro, Imac

Generation Next has a great piece of news for all iPhone fans and Mac lovers alike: the month of July will welcome three new awesome Apple products. These three products – the iPhone SE 2020, Macbook 2020, and Macbook Pro 2020, will be available through all authorized Apple product dealers across Nepal.

The iPhone SE 2020, Macbook 2020, and the new iMac Pro, all of these are products that have been hotly demanded by Nepali consumers after its launch. On the one hand, we have the latest affordably priced iPhone, while on the other we have the “Next Big Thing in 2020” with the new and improved Magic keyboard. All three of these gizmos require no introduction, but let us just go over these briefly anyways.

iPhone SE 2020:

Iphone SE
Iphone SE

Everything you want at an affordable price:

The iPhone SE 2020 is one of the best value phones, hands down, in 2020. Apple has gone through a lot this year – from stores closing down due to the COVID pandemic, to factory plants in China shutting down for extended periods. It’s pretty apparent that what people want in the next iPhone isn’t another overpriced feature-stuffed with another ‘revolutionary design,’ but a compact phone that won’t dry their wallets, but at the same time provide all the necessary features anyone would expect out of an iPhone in an affordable price point.

With great cameras, fast A13 Bionic chipset, and wireless charging, the iPhone SE 2020 leaves no boxes unchecked when it comes to making a great smartphone. Read our full review article where we discuss the SE 2020 in detail here.

MacBook Pro 2020:

Apple macbook pro 13
Apple macbook pro 13

Magic Keyboard, Touch Bar and a Sleek new design:

The Macbook Pro is a device that needs no introduction. Adored by users, especially in creative fields like design, production, and modeling, this crisp new MacBook comes with a Touch Bar, Touch ID, and the much loved Magic Keyboard.

The Sleek aluminum unibody design weighs just 3 pounds(~1.4 kgs), making it highly portable and light. It isn’t as slim or light as a MacBook Air, but hey, they’d call it the MacBook Air 2020 if it were so.

Read our full review of the Macbook Pro 2020 here.

iMac Pro 2020:

Imac Pro 2020
Imac Pro 2020

The most powerful Mac yet, hands down:

If you looked up ‘iMac Pro’ in any modern Mac user’s dictionary, you’d find ‘raw power’ and ‘premium price tag’ as the meaning. The iMac is pretty much the most powerful Mac ever, no questions asked. With a premium design, eye-candy Space Gray color, and mindblowing specs, this is a powerful all-in-one PC for professionals that require nothing except the very best.

Although the iMac Pro is very expensive, and some of the features like the Magic Mouse aren’t the most user friendly, there is no doubt that the iMac Pro is one of the top PCs of 2020.

Availability and pricing:

Generation Next Communications Pvt. Ltd. is the authorized distributor for Apple products in Nepal and has been distributing genuine Apple products in the Nepali market for years now. All three products will be introduced in our market stream this month (July). They will be available for purchase from any of their authorized dealers: Evo Store, Oliz, Future
World, iStore Rising Mall, Quality Computer ( Birtamode, Jhapa), Mobile Tron, and Future Tech Trade.

Although the official price of these products has not been revealed yet, the Macbook Pro 2019 has been set at a discounted rate(NRs. 178000 for the 256GB, and NRs. 165000 for the 128GB variant) on the arrival of the new Macbook Pro 2020. The iPhone SE 2020 is also revealed to be available in 64GB, 128GB, and 256 GB and will come in Black, White, and Red color options.

What do you think of these products, share your thoughts through the comment section below?

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