Lalitpur Mobile Complex Announced the Mobile Expo 2017 | Deals and Offers

Lalitpur Mobile Expo 2074
Festive Season is on the door step and we will be seeing many offers from different companies. And one of them is from Lalitpur Mobile Complex, Lalitpur Mobile Complex has announced the Lalitpur Mobile Expo 2074. Mobile Complex has been organising this type of Expos regularly since past few years with exciting offers and deals. According to the Lalitpur Mobile Complex representative, the main aim of organizing this sort of Expos is to make customers aware about the Lalitpur Mobile Complex and also to make the Complex a first mobile phone shopping destination. 
[post_ads]Lalitpur Mobile Expo 2074 is going to start from Bhadra 16 (September 1 ) and will end on Bhadra 26(September 11). During the Mobile Expo, people will be getting discounts from 5% to 70% on the selected mobile phones. Lalitpur Mobile Complex has planned to give every customer a gift hampers along with huge discounts on the smartphones. The gift hampers include Power Bank, Bluetooth Headphones, Earphones and Headphones, Selfie Sticks, Memory Card, and Speakers. The most interesting part of this Expo is that the customers will not only benefit from the offers provided by the Mobile Complex but also will be able to get all the offers provided by the individual mobile companies which will include various offers like Scratch Card, Travel packages, and much more. 
Mobile Complex has a wide range of mobile phones from the price range of Rs 900 to Rs 140,000 which gives people a wide range of choice and a great opportunity to compare different models of mobile phones under a roof. In Lalitpur Mobile Complex there are more than 40 mobile showrooms and service centres.
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