Lalitpur Mobile Expo 2074 | Great Offers and Deals

Lalitpur Mobile Expo 2074
Since the commencement of trend of conducting Expos and with the increase in competition in the Nepalese mobile market, different companies are working hard to stay ahead in the competition with their new ideas and true dedication. And one of the popular mobile complexes, Lalitpur Mobile Complex has been experimenting it’s new ideas and has never stepped back to offer best services to its customers to compete with other companies. It has been organizing a lot of events and expos since past few years with great offers and deals focusing their valuable customers. This year, the expo has gained more popularity due to its awesome deals and offers on different smartphones and the customers are getting amazing gifts and other benefits. Lalitpur Mobile Expo has started a few days back on Bhadra 16 (September 1) and will end on Bhadra 26(September 11). We have covered the launch of Mobile Expo in our previous post.

We recently got the chance to talk with the representative of Lalitpur Mobile Complex Purushottam Basnet and according to him, the expo is targeted to the festive session and 4th anniversary of the Mobile Complex. He also added that during the mobile expo customers are getting a huge discount from 5% to 70% on selected feature phones, smartphones and different accessories available during the expo and along with that the customers will also get separate offers from the respective mobile companies. 

[post_ads_2]During our visit in the Mobile Expo, we have seen that the Expo has featured different international brands like Sony, Samsung, Huawei, Apple, Gionee, Lava, Oppo, and much more with some great offers. In this Expo, customers are offered with 30% of discounts on few of the selected Sony mobile phones whereas Huawei is offering 25% discount on Huawei GR5 and Huawei P9 Lite. Similarly, Lava and other smartphone brands are also offering huge discount up to 25% on the purchase of their smartphone during the Expo period. Along with all that, Mobile Complex is also providing guaranteed sure shot gifts like PowerBank, Selfie Sticks, Bluetooth Headphones and much more to each and every customer who purchase any mobile phone during the Expo.
Expo is set to end on September 11 and the complex is expected to launch a new promotional offer targeted to the upcoming Dashain and Tihar.
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