LeoSquad: A virtual workplace for remote workers

LeoSquad a virtual workplace
LeoSquad a virtual workplace

COVID-19 and the lockdown imposed because of it we have to adapt to this study and work-from-home environment. It surely saves us the need to physically interact with each other but its effectiveness is something that has been a matter of concern to most employers. Addressing the issue, Analogue Inc.- a company that works on the basic principle to turn an idea into a reality, has announced the launch of LeoSquad.

What is LeoSquad?

LeoSquad by Analogue Inc. is a software that mimics a virtual workplace and is aimed at serving entrepreneurs in the country in these circumstances. The entire focus of LeoSquad is to be easy to operate even for a layman and provide necessary features that you’d normally find in a physical workspace such as attendance, invoices, project tracking, etc. 

The idea behind it:

According to Ashutosh Agrawal, CEO, Analogue Inc.,” Technology is supposed to make your life easier and LeoSquad is the future that will fill the gap of workspace, and even a layman can learn to use it very quickly.” Setting up an office or a proper workplace can be an expensive affair and requires a good amount of money, which might not be good for some budding entrepreneurs and businesses. While work-from-home has cut down the need for a physical workspace, the reason it’s called an organization is for the collective effort that goes into it. That’s the void LeoSquad claims to fill in with a platform that lets people create a systematic work plan which is price-effective. 

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When can you see it?

Analogue Inc. is all set to launch LeoSquad on the 18th of June. While speculations on what the platform actually has on offer continue, Analogue Inc. is aware of the plethora of platforms that are already out there. In order to stand out, LeoSquad has to have an ace up its sleeve, or does it?  We’ll know when the time comes.

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