mDabali: Micro-finance and Cooperatives transactions made easy


For those of you that rely on co-operatives and micro-finance services, InfoDevelopers Pvt. Ltd. has a special gift for you. With loads of features like bill payment, recharge or top-up of many of the major service providers, mDabali also makes money transfer from cooperatives and micro-finances to bank accounts easier than ever before.

This multipurpose swiss-army knife of an app is the first of its kind in Nepal to provide these services. You can install this app on your Android and iOS devices from the Play store and the App Store.

Cooperatives and micro-finance will start providing these services to their members from Sunday (April 29). With the help of this service, they can directly transfer their money to the accounts of commercial banks, development banks, and finance companies,” says Suresh Kanshakar, the spokesperson of the company. Right now, more than 30 commercial banks, development banks, and finance companies are associated with the app. So, it’s certain that many users will find this app very useful in their financial transactions. This ease of access, especially during this lockdown period, will prove vital to regular transactors.

mDabali also supports deposits in the popular Mobile-wallet service e-Sewa. Although only e-Sewa deposits are available right now, the company promises that the ‘load wallet facility’ will be available for other digital wallets as well, shortly, which is something to look out for.

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