Mi Beard Trimmer 1c Launched in Nepal: Amazing and Affordable

Mi Beard Trimmer 1C Price in Nepal
Mi Beard Trimmer 1C Price in Nepal

Xiaomi has launched various products recently in Nepal such as MI Router 4C, MI Portable Bluetooth Speaker, MI smart TV and MI beard Trimmer, etc. MI Beard Trimmer was launched in 2020 in India but it recently arrived in Nepal. MI had previously launched the MI Beard Trimmer but they have made various major changes such as they have reduced the length settings on this one from 40 to 20. Let’s discuss the MI Beard Trimmer 1C including its price and availability in Nepal.

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MI Beard Trimmer 1C :

MI Beard Trimmer has an elegant look with lots of features packed in such as cordless usage, IPX7 waterproof. It is lighter and thinner which makes the user easy to maintain a grip on the trimmer. The self-sharpening blade provides precision up to 0.5mm which also has the longest life span. 

The MI Beard Trimmer 1c is powered by a 600mAh Li-po battery which can last up to 60 minutes of usage. According to Xiaomi, the trimmer takes two hours to fully charge and this is supposedly 75-80% efficiency in terms of the charging time in comparison to its competitors. For charging MI Beard Trimmer 1c comes with a Micro-USB charging cable. It also contains a led indicator to indicate the battery status

MI Beard Trimmer 1C Price in Nepal and Availability:

MI Beard Trimmer 1c is available in Nepal in authorized stores of Xiaomi and in Daraz and SastoDeal. The Price of MI Beard Trimmer 1C is 1,799. 

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