Xiaomi Launches Mi Router 4C in Nepal

Mi Router 4C Price in Nepal
Mi Router 4C Price in Nepal

Most people know Xiaomi for its awesome smartphones like the Redmi Note line, Mi Note line, etc, but what most might not know is that they’ve ventured quite far in other territories too. Lots of people are familiar with the Mi Smart Band series, but other Xiaomi products like 4K box speakers, LED TVs, Soundbars, Powerbanks, etc have seen great success across the world as well. However, many of these products don’t get launched in Nepal so we aren’t very familiar with them at all. But on the bright side, this recent launch of Mi Router 4C in Nepal might open doors for more non-smartphone Xiaomi products to flood into the Nepali market.

What makes the Mi Router 4C in Nepal different from other products in the market?

Minimalistic Design

The Mi Router 4C features a minimalistic design with four external antennas. The sleek unicolor look can easily blend into any household setting and doesn’t attract any unwanted attention with bright colors or unnecessarily bright flashes of light.

The four external antennas are of the same length, and come in the same color as the body.

Internal specs:

Under the minimalistic hood, we have 4 powerful high-gain external antennas to cast strong and stable signals across spacious houses. Powered by 802.11n Wi-Fi technology, Mi Router 4C can reach a maximum network speed of 300Mbps.

The router comes equipped with a dual-core CPU chipset and a large 64MB RAM that promises fast and stable connection for up to 32 devices simultaneously.

The router works on Xiaomi’s proprietary MiWiFi ROM, which is based on OpenWRT.

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The router works with the standard WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK encryption and features Wireless access control (black and white list). With SSID hiding, Intelligent anti-rub network, wireless intrusion detection, password brute force crack detection, management background access control, and access to SSID isolation, there are a lot of features to ensure that your wireless network doesn’t fall victim to any unauthorized hack attempts.

Mi Smart WiFi App:

Unlike many other wifi routers that come with little to no ease-of-use at all, the Mi Router 4C can be easily set up and controlled through its Mi WiFi app. Using the app, users can easily set up the device and have access to an array of smart functions such as parental control, guest network settings, speed control, etc.

More Mi non-smartphone products heading towards Nepal:

“We are committed to launching non-smartphone products in Nepal and in the process bring technological innovations for everyone,” says Sourabh Kothari, the Country General Manager for Xiaomi Nepal. “With the fast growing internet population in the country, we saw a gap in the current router market. With amazing smart features, and a game-changing price, Mi Router 4C is set to disrupt the router market in Nepal.”

Watching new Xiaomi products flow into the Nepali market will undoubtedly be interesting to see. What are your thoughts on this? Leave them in the comments section below!

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