Mi Smart Band 4C: Best Affordable Smart Band Yet?

Mi Band 4c
Mi Band 4c

With a wide range of smart accessories in its arsenal, Mi has gathered a lot of popularity in the affordable smart-bands section. This Xiaomi’s latest next-gen fitness tracker- the Mi Smart Band 5, was launched just a little less than a month ago, and it has already gathered a lot of love among fans. However, now Xiaomi has also launched the Mi Band 4C as a more affordable alternative to the Mi Band 5. Sporting a heart rate monitor, 14-day battery life, and above all, a super budget-themed price tag, is the Mi Band 4C the best affordable smart band yet?

Mi Smart Band 4C: A lot more for a lot less

Design and Specifications

Mi Band 4c
Mi Smart Band 4c Source

The Mi Smart Band sports a 1.08″ TFT screen with 128x220px resolution and a max brightness of 200 nits. The design is pretty sleek, but, honestly , there’s nothing that sets it apart from other smart bands.

Long battery life in a short charging time:

Powered by a 130mAh battery, this affordable attachment comes with a promise of 14 days of battery life. The band charges to full capacity in as little as a couple of hours, courtesy of the built-in fast-plug direct charging USB port.

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Features and usage modes:

Mi Band 4c
Mi Smart Band 4c Source

The most notable of the features in this band include a useful heart-rate monitor, which checks your pulses in real-time. Apart from this, the band also sports notification and call alerts, music control, sleep monitoring, activity alerts, etc. The band supports five different trackers for fast walking, treadmill running, outdoor running, cycling, and regular exercise. This bracelet device is waterproof and can withstand up to 5 ATMs of pressure.

Color Options:

With 72 stylish dials to choose from, the band comes in four color options: blue, red, brown and black.

Pricing and availability:

The launch price of the Mi Smart Band 4C is set at 99 Malaysian Ringgits. This roughly translates to around NRs. 2,760. However, there is bound to be further price increase due to shipping charges and border taxes. Still, it will undoubtedly be much cheaper than other Mi Smart bands like the Mi Smart Band 4 already available in Nepal.

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