Mobile Gaming Competition being organized in Lalitpur Mall during Mobile Expo 2073


Expos are getting more and more attention among consumers due to the great deals,the consumers get during the expo periods. Mobile Expo 2073 organised by the Lalitpur Mall, is one of those expos which is getting more attention day by day. According to the Lalitpur Mall, more than 15,000 people have already visited the Mobile Expo till now and they are expecting more,due to the recent announcement for Gaming competition which will be held on September 16 and 17 with the collaboration with ngamersclub. The event will start 1PM onwards.

Gaming Competition in Lalitpur Mall
Gaming Competition in Lalitpur Mall
Gaming competition will be held for 2 days and the game which will be played during the Gaming Competition is Subway Surfer which is one of the best and most popular game in the smartphone community for both Android & iOS users. The rules to be followed is simple and the player has the option to choose from different smartphones available which are really a great opportunity for the player to score high. During the competition period, the player who scores high will be announced a winner and will win a smartphone as a prize.
The expo will end on 18th September and after that, the Dashain offer will begin to celebrate the biggest Hindu festival.
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