Full version of Nagarik App launched

Nagarik App
Nagarik App

The full version of the “Nagarik App” by Nepal Government is now available for download. Previously, the beta version of the app was made public on 16th of January. On the occasion of the Fourth National ICT Day , Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli marked the release of the app. 

What is Nagarik app for?

Nagarik App was developed with the intent to provide government services with just a single app. The Government stated that Nagarik App will save people the hassle of scavenging through several websites and apps and will act as a one stop solution for any government services one might need.

Nagarik App
Nagarik App

In order to get started, you’ll have to log in with a phone number registered to your own ID card. Then you’ll need to fill in your Identification Documents’ credentials. Once inside the app, you can see your classified details such as Citizenship, PAN number, Voter ID and Passport. You not only can view this information, but also if there’s something that needs to be changed; for instance a mis-spelling of your name or a wrong date of birth, etc, you will be able to make these changes and then ask for correction right from the app itself.

Employees can view the details about their Citizens Investment Fund, Provident Fund and Social Security Fund. And for us commoners, there’s also a Hello Sarkar section where we can lodge our grievances and complaints. Health Insurance information is one thing that has recently been added to the list. Talking about recent additions, now you can apply for a PAN number and even a Police Clearance Report (P.S. NOC for those processing for foreign countries). You can also check on the status of your land revenue through the app itself.

Furthermore, there’s a QR code system which allegedly can verify citizen identity from the app.

The government claims that it will get more and more services and features with future updates. One such service is that the revenue and renewal fee of vehicles can be paid right from the app.

As per the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology, Users will also be able to purchase SIM Cards and fill up public service forms apart from the government and public services.

The app is available on both Android and iOS.

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