Ncell launches “Triple Majja Pack”

Ncell Triple Majja Pack
Ncell Triple Majja Pack

While we all face lockdown yet again, our data usage has shot up drastically. To make your extended social media browsing easy on your wallet, Ncell has brought the ”Triple Majja Pack” and this time around it’s worth your attention.

What is the Ncell ”Triple Majja Pack”?

It’s a data pack that gives you uninterrupted access to YouTube, Facebook and TikTok; the three major platforms thus the name Triple Majja at a fraction of the price. There are three different offers to this pack with different validity and volume and come in at different prices accordingly. Here’s a detailed list:

Data Volume(Facebook, Youtube, Tiktok)All Time DataValidityPrice(incl.of taxes)
1GB Per day2GB7 DaysNPR.109
1GB Per day4GB10 DaysNPR.147
1.5GB Per day6GB30 DaysNPR.459
Triple Majja Pack

There are two different data packs merged into one, firstly the Fb, Youtube and Tiktok pack with per day volume allocated to them and secondly the all time data. Once you run out of your per day data, the all time data will be consumed. And for running other apps or surfing the web,you will have to compensate for it with your all time data pack.

How to subscribe:

To subscribe to the Triple Majja Pack, you can either dial *17123# and select Triple Majja Pack or you can do it from the Ncell app or website.

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